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Virtual Event Activities Part II

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Julia K.

Aug 26, 2020

Virtual Conference Activities

For a virtual conference, not all your attendees will know each other, and you might have thousands of people tuning in. To account for this, try and incorporate activities that allow people to participate, but don’t require them to be deeply involved. Here are some of our top recommendations.



Polling can be fun, helpful, and informative. First, create a few questions either relating to your conference topic or ones that would be of general interest to your audience. Next, choose a polling app to host your poll. Then, between sessions, let your attendees share their answers. If done well, a mix of silly results and interesting stats should be mixed and displayed for others to see. It gives personality to the event and creates a sense of connection for people that aren’t actually interacting with each other. 


Another fun activity for any virtual conference is a giveaway. From the pool of those attending your conference, randomly select one name or use a service that lets people opt in. Whoever's name(s) you choose wins a prize. Prizes are often paid for by event sponsors who can optimize the opportunity to reach more people with their brand. 

Conference Trivia

Conference trivia is a little different than work trivia, as you are dealing with a large group of people. Thankfully, there are multiple options for Virtual Trivia online and many include hosts that plan the entire experience for you. Here are a few online trivia resources:

1. Crowdpurr

2. Social Point

3. Random Trivia Generator

If you want to DIY it, then create your own trivia questions prior to the event. During the conference, display the questions on the screen and have your attendees take their best guess at it. After you’ve allowed people time to answer, display the answers for each question, and allow your attendees to see how well they did. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s just a break from the normal.

Live stream entertainment 

A final virtual conference activity we recommend is live streaming entertainment. This is a good distraction from the everyday routine and a fun way to close out a conference! A few good entertainment options might be a magic show, DJ, or even a stand-up comedian. 

With a virtual conference, there’s always a wide variety of people in attendance, all with varying comfort zones. Plan activities that will make everyone feel comfortable. 

This concludes virtual conference activities but there are more simple activity ideas on the way, be sure to check out Part III - Virtual Party Activities.


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