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The Most Unique Custom Experiences!

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Brianna C.

May 18, 2017

Photo booths aren't exactly the new kid on the block anymore. Considered a staple by many in the events industry, they're here to stay! With that--we have to keep things fresh! We have come up with a collection of exciting and new experiences that we have implemented to fulfill our clients' visions and requests. We think they're pretty cool, and we think you'll think so too. So we decided to highlight a few of our favorites -- with more to come in the not-so-distant future!

GIF 💁‍♀️

This custom experience is almost as popular as a classic photo booth experience itself these days -- especially with a printing add on! The GIF Experience allows guests to pose for a few photos that result in hilariously entertaining looping video clips. For extra pizzaz, check out our Animated GIF Experience on our Custom Experiences Page!

Glam ✨

The black and white airbrushed look made popular by the Kardashians and company is now offered by The SnapBar! Our Glam filter brings you to a whole new level of fierce and glam! Not that you need the help though. 😉

Snow Angel ❄️

Dreaming of a white Christmas--in July? Throw snowballs and roll around in the snow with friends with our Snow Angel Experience! Add a flipbook for extra fun! For the right event and venue, this experience is sure to be a hit.

3D or CMYK 😎

When your event demands something unique, modern, and edgy, our 3D or CMYK effects are the route to take. Our 3D images produce an out of this world effect when viewed with real 3D glasses, while our CMYK effect is much bolder without the need for 3D glasses.

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