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The Dos and Don'ts of Photo Booths

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Danica G.

Feb 28, 2019

We’ve all seen them. People trying to get the most out of their photo booths, but their efforts falling flat. So we wanted to share with you our top 8 dos and don’ts when it comes to photo booths.

Because, at The SnapBar, we believe it’s all about the experience of the photo booth. From beginning to end. From taking the photos to looking at them years later.

That’s why we want to make sure you don’t make these photo booth faux pas at your event. We’ve got your back! 


Don’t: Choose The Wrong Backdrop.

Whether you’re at a holiday party or a wedding, the photo booth is hard to miss (refer to #4) so you want to make sure the backdrop and props not only compliment your event but are also going to produce some great photos.

The two poor backdrop choices we see the most often are see-through and vinyl. See-through is just distracting, especially if there are people walking behind it 😱. And I don’t care who you are or how awesome you look in a photo, when you have a shiny vinyl backdrop, it just takes away from a great picture.

Don't: Vinyl Backdrop


Do: Make Sure You Get The Most Important Photos.

Seriously, at your company holiday party, you need to get your CEO in the booth. Because she does smile sometimes and a photo booth is the best way to make sure it happens! And, if you’re a bride, don’t forget to get a pic snapped with all your bridesmaids partying at your reception.

There are photos you want to keep forever and you definitely want to make sure you get them.

Bridesmaids and wedding party in a photo booth


Don’t: Try to Get a Group Photo for the Website.

Group photos are some of the best parts of having an open-air photo booth at an event. When you cram 10+ people into a booth and try to get everyone’s face in front of the camera by contorting and standing at weird angles, you just can’t help but laugh like crazy.

But these photos come with a cost...[pause for dramatic effect]

While the comedic value of fitting your entire 14 person marketing department in one photo is very real, a photo booth isn't the place to get a quality team photo that you would want to publish anywhere (except for maybe your desktop background image). So definitely keep taking the over-loaded photos and use them to build your team, not your website.

Too many people in a photo booth


Do: Get Creative!

At The SnapBar, we’re all about creating the ultimate, best photo experience possible so don’t be afraid to ask if something’s possible. Do you want your company’s logo on all your photos? No problem!

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to have a Luxe Booth. Get a Selfie Stand with you and your new spouse’s initials and one of your wedding colors as the side strip!

Or what about custom effects? Or digital props? Or a full-on set instead of just a backdrop? Seriously, the options are endless. Let us know what you want and we’ll make it happen!

Snow GIF


Don’t: Forget to Post Your Photos on Social Media!

When you take a photo with a SnapBar photo booth, you can post your photo almost instantly! Also, The SnapBar makes sure you get the best lighting possible and our staff are pros at making sure you look awesome in every shot. 

Seriously, take advantage of how fantastic you look and while you’re standing in line for your next cocktail, update your Insta with photos of the fun you’re having!

Military Ball photo booth


Do: Place Your Photo Booth in a High-Traffic Area.

We get it, you want the room to flow. And making sure an event is welcoming, not claustrophobic and encourages mingling is a fine line.

But, whether you rented a photo booth or made it yourself, there was a lot of time, effort and money into making sure it’s perfect. Which means you want people to use it! So make sure you put it in the open and encourage your attendees to get in the booth!

Retail photo booth


Do: Choose The Right Photo Booth For Your Event.

Is your event a classy, black tie affair? Or maybe it’s a tech conference for people who basically use their smartphones as an extra limb. Whichever one it is, you want to make sure people are using your photo booth at your event, so make sure you use a photo booth that catches their eye!

The SnapBar’s Luxe Booth is beautiful, wooden and super classy. But when you have users who love minimalism and the next best device, our Selfie Stand or Brand Booth would be perfect!

Brand photo booth fun


Don’t: Assume You Don’t Need a Photo Booth.

Trust us, if you’re on the fence about getting a photo booth for your event, go for it. It will not only make your event SO. MUCH. FUN. But it totally helps to make your event memorable. Even if you do a DIY photo booth, you won’t regret having this experience at your event!

Oh, and if you want to know how to make your own stellar DIY photo booth, read our next blog and we’ll help ya out!

You need a photo booth

Are you looking for a photo booth to exercise the prime skills you learned in this blog? The SnapBar would be happy to help! Email us today!


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