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Boost Your Social Media Game With a Selfie Stand!

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Danica G.

Aug 13, 2019

Social Media. It’s Important.

Are you looking to grow your social media presence? Well, that’s not really a fair question. Because, if you are aware of the impact of social media, you are definitely trying. And if you aren’t, well, you should be. 

You’re probably doing street marketing, paid ads, email campaigns, flyers, billboard space, carrier pigeons, radio spots, ads on the sides of milk containers, television commercials, Google ads, banners flying behind airplanes…

Okay, okay, we know. That got a little out of hand. But the point is, even if you’re doing all that stuff, but you’re leaving out social media, you’re definitely not tapping into one of the most valuable marketing tools at your disposal. 

I mean, look at these stats from Hootsuite. If this doesn’t convince you that you need to get on the social media game, I don’t know what will...

Hootsuite Digital Around the World

And The SnapBar has an easy way to actually integrate all your current physical marketing campaigns with your digital ones!

Allow us to introduce, the Selfie Stand. 

The Selfie Stand and Your Business

One of our (and our clients') FAVORITE things about Selfie Stands is the brandability. From the actual stand itself, to the images it’s producing, the Selfie Stand can be as branded as you want.

This includes the overlays, frames, digital props, backdrop...basically the possibilities are endless in what you can brand.

This means that every time someone takes a photo, your brand, website, logo, or whatever you want, is right there and visible. 

It’s visible when the person downloads the photo. It’s there when that person’s followers on social media see the post. It’s front-of-mind all the time.

Upping Your Social Media Game

Now, once those photos taken on the Selfie Stand are live, it’s time for some legwork. 

Go find the photos on social media. Just look for your special overlay, search the hashtag, then comment and like!

And don’t stop there. Like multiple photos. Comment on them. Watch their stories. Craft curated responses to their posts. 

Once you start interacting on social, your relevance score goes up. People start to see your company as more personal – like humans they might want to interact with.

“Facebook is all about proper engagement from people, such as comments and shares on Messenger.

  • Comments and likes on a person’s status of photo

  • Engagement with publisher content posted by friends

  • Shares on Messenger

  • Replies to comments on a video”


And, as real people see it, Instagram, Facebook (whatever platform you’re using) will see you as a more valuable asset to their networks and will make sure you’re seen by more people organically!

It’s a pretty cool cycle.

Now Go Do!

The Selfie Stand makes it easy. It goes wherever you go and ships free nationwide. 

Take it to conferences. Or out street marketing. Or set it up in your store or lobby.

When people take photos and upload them to social media, you’ll be getting in front of way more people than you ever could have done on your own (without shelling out a ton of green for paid ads).

And, you’ll get a ton of free content to share yourself.

It’s almost magic. 

And it all starts with the Selfie Stand. 

Contact The SnapBar to find out more about how you can use this photo experience to up your company’s social media game!


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