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5 Reasons To Hire An Open Photo Booth

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Andrew P.

Mar 08, 2016

Photo booths have become all the rage in the past several years. Private events, corporate parties, marketing initiatives, and weddings all use photo booths to entertain guests and capture awesome memories. On average, event hosts pay anywhere from $700 to $1400 hiring a reputable and reliable company that offers open photo booths. But do photo booths, and especially open photo booths, live up to the hype? That's for you to decide. When considering your options, here are five excellent reasons to consider hiring an open photo booth service for your next event.

1. It Encourages Spontaneity.

While a photo booth isn't meant to replace a professional event photographer, a potential downside to ONLY hiring a professional photographer is the task of taking photos is limited to one person, the photographer. With an open photo booth, you can tap in to the virtually unlimited creativity, spontaneity, and selfie-loving fun of ALL of your guests. So let your photographer capture the big moments, but give your guests the ability to leave hundreds of other silly, little moments you might be missing! An photo booth is incredibly inviting and leads to the spontaneous and the hilarious.

Open air photo booth brick backdrop

2. It's user-friendly.

At first, you may find yourself intimidated by the concept of a new, 'high-tech' open photo booth, concerned that some of your less tech-savvy guests may not know how to operate it. Fortunately for you, the photo booth industry is getting smart and many open photo booth companies have simple touch-screen set ups, or utilize a wireless remote to trigger the camera. Better yet, most open photo booth rentals include attendants who are not only meant to keep the gear working, but to explain the process and entertain the guests as well!

3. It doesn't put pressure on guests.

You will find that many of your guests want to let loose and have fun, but are, to put it simply, shy. Some may be intimidated by a photographer or be afraid they're not being captured in the best light (pun intended!). An open photo booth, however, is an entertainment option that will be available in the background of your event the whole time, whenever guests choose to use it. When they are good and ready, they can go to the booth on their own prerogative, often encouraged on by friends and family, and capture their best – and often silly – moments on film.

As pointed out above, most open photo booths include displays showing you, in real time, what your own photo is going to look like. Think of it as everyone's “super-selfie", without an arm or selfie-stick in the way.

Open air vintage photo booth

4. It adds a memorable touch.

While party favors are a thoughtful addition to any event, what's a more personal touch than allowing your guests to make downloadable, printable memories with their friends? Branded hats or monogrammed shot glasses are fun, but nothing preserves the true nature of an event and the people attending more than a photograph.

And if your photo booth service offers on-site, instant printing, you're all set for our next and final reason why you should consider hiring a open photo booth…

5. Instant gratification anyone?

Smartphones. WiFi. Fiber optics. Skype. Modern society has become obsessed with speed, and more importantly, with NOT waiting for anything. Sure, any good thing is always worth the wait, but if you could have it right now, wouldn't you? While this may seem like a throwback to the state fair photo booths of old, sans the four-quarter cost, people LOVE having their photos delivered instantly on high-quality, custom-designed prints. Not only do you and the guests get all the hi-res photos online, but your guests will have their own memory, in their own hands, to take home that day.

Photo booth print templates

If you're looking for a way to make your event personal and memorable, look no further than the open air photo booth!


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