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Part 2: Implementing Experiential Strategy

Sb 25

Danica G.

Jun 03, 2019


In our last blog, we talked about experiential marketing, its value and why we think photo experiences are the best way to capture the best experiential marketing moments.

But we don’t just want to leave you there without some practical ways you can integrate a photo experience into your experiential marketing!

Because, according to Single Grain, all experiential marketing has three elements:

  • Active participation and engagement from the audience

  • Promotion of the brand’s message and values

  • Provides long-lasting value

And a photo experience can help you with all three.

Active Participation and Engagement From the Audience

The people who come to your activation don’t just expect to be entertained, they expect to be a part of it.

With a photo experience, it’s easy to get potential customers in on the action.

Take The SnapBar’s Selfie Stand, for example.

It’s run solely by the audience. You set it up and your guests utilize the selfie station.

The audience can use digital props of your choice natively on the Selfie Stand (without having to scan the QR code like Pepsi is telling people to do this summer), they can choose filters, or even the type of experience they want (GIF, photo, boomerang…)

This type of photo experience with a giveaway, contest, or other incentives will allow people to share the experience with their friends instantly and get your brand in front of all their social media followers.

With Selfie Stand photos, The SnapBar’s clients average well over a couple of million impressions per event.

Promotion of the Brand’s Message and Values

Speaking of the Selfie Stands, did you know they can be branded exactly to your specifications?

Just like Google Photo’s food truck, you want your name to be first and foremost in their mind when users encounter your experiential marketing.

Google Food Truck

That’s why The SnapBar has made it super easy.

Whether you want the basic, minimal design of Amazon or the fully-wrapped, colorful Xbox Selfie Stand, The SnapBar can make it happen.

Amazon Simple

Regardless of whether you use The SnapBar or not for capturing the important moments during your experiential marketing, you want to make sure your brand’s message and values are prominent in your campaign.

XBox Selfie Stand Full Wrap photo booth experience

Weight Watchers did this excellently in 2018 when they implemented their Healthy Drive Thru pop up! They embraced their values, shared them with others, spread their message – now, if they had just had a photo booth there to take photos of people ordering...

Provides Long-Lasting Value

One of the best things about experiential marketing is in its name. It’s all about the experience.

Consumers are valuing experience and feelings over physical items and clutter more than ever before. When you implement experiential marketing, you’re giving your audience something so much more than free products and services (although, definitely keep doing that, like Ottawa!)

As much as feelings and experiences are at the heart of experiential marketing, people feeling good doesn’t help you with your marketing.

Making sure you have memorable hashtags, you record what’s happening at the event yourself, and you encourage people to take photos (with a photo booth, perhaps?) and share are the best ways to make sure you get the most out of your experiential marketing.

In a Nutshell

Okay, so I realize a lot of the examples used are from bigger brands and recognizable names. But your experiential marketing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

In fact, EventMB has a great section in their Experiential Marketing blog about how to do successful experiential marketing on a budget!

When you follow the three principles, your experiential marketing campaign won’t be forgotten and will have a huge ROI in brand loyalty, social impressions, and fun.

  • Active participation and engagement from the audience

  • Promotion of the brand’s message and values

  • Provides long-lasting value

Do you want to find out more about how to utilize a photo experience in your next experiential marketing campaign?

The SnapBar would love to talk to you!


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