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Cloud Nine Creamery Case Study: Subscription

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Danica G.

Aug 06, 2019

The Goal

Cloud Nine Creamery is a liquid nitrogen ice cream parlor in Seattle. Guests get the opportunity to build their own ice cream creations and watch it be made right in front of their eyes.

In order to show off these creations and have fun while waiting for the creamery’s mad scientists to finish these custom works of art, the owners of Cloud Nine thought it would be fun to supply a photo experience for their guests.

The Plan

Cloud Nine is all about providing a unique experience for their customers. From the syringes that inject their ice cream with extra flavors, to their workers being dubbed “mad scientists.” It’s an interactive ice cream shop!

In order to continue this singular customer experience, a Selfie Stand photo booth is a staple in the creamery.

With a huge chamber as the backdrop, the Selfie Stand has a full wrap showing off Cloud Nine’s logo and brand. Lab coats and beaker props complete the experience.

The Hurdles

Making sure the small creamery could have a photo booth that didn’t take up much room and fit with the aesthetic was vital.

The simplistic, minimal design of the Selfie Stand was perfect for creating a great photo op without getting in the way.

The Results

After a full year of a Selfie Stand, Cloud Nine Creamery decided to extend their subscription for another year. 

Their customers are loving having a photo experience in the shop and the numbers show it…

Photo booth case study results

The Photos

Selfie Stand GIF

Selfie Stand filter photo booth

Experiential marketing photo booth

Cloud Nine Creamery Photo Booth

Cloud Nine GIF Photo Booth


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