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​5 Differences Between Closed Photo Booths & Open Photo Booths

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Andrew P.

Jan 17, 2017

Photo booths hold an iconic role in the American cultural landscape. Synonymous with fun experiences, spontaneous friendships, and unforgettable memories, that classic photo strip resides in many homes from sea to shining sea, pinned between a drug store magnet and the door of their refrigerator. One might say they are irreplaceable, or possibly even impossible to improve upon. Well, vintage technology aficionados, fear not, for there will always be a place for nostalgia. But objectively, what are some ways that newer, open photo booths compare with their encased, curtain-concealed predecessors? Let's take a closer look…

1. Lighting

This might be a no-brainer. Most open photo booths include a professional lighting set up, and they are themselves placed in well-lit areas. Natural lighting anyone? Noise reduction, no awkward shadows, and no eye-glare, make these photo booth photos ready for Instagram.

Open photo booth gold backdrop

By comparison, enclosed photo booths contain, at best, a built-in automatic flash that may or may not put your carefully maintained complexion in the best light. Pun intended!

2. Pressure

Maybe the 10 second countdown to 4 automated shots aids in the spontaneity of enclosed photo booths, but it also creates an unnecessary degree of pressure to get your shots just right, and even then, you don't find out how they turned out until they print. And, if it's a busy venue, that means getting right back in line, partner! An open photo booth, such as the standard setup for us here at The SnapBar, allows users to see a camera view on a screen directly in front of them, allowing them to frame their shots just right. No more doubting yourself. You take that selfie, and you take it right.

Snap Bar 1 Small

3. Capacity

Maybe all of your guests are couples, and maybe they are all skinny. If that's the case, the enclosed photo booth will suffice to a point. But two, maybe three people shoehorned into a literal booth has its drawbacks. And why limit yourself? Get the whole gang into one picture, and REALLY capture the moment. For some, this might be the greatest single reason to choose an open photo booth over an enclosed one.

Group photo in open photo booth

4. Backdrops

There's not much comparison to be made here, as enclosed photo booths don't have anything to offer as far as backgrounds go. But with an open photo booth, the choices are limitless! Most open photo booth companies will offer a wide variety of backdrops that you can choose from, or you can even set up your own. Don't want to make your own, but can't find what you want? Some photo experience companies, such as The SnapBar, will custom print your backdrop for you. Perhaps you shelled out some cash for a slick venue that has a regal looking red-brick wall, and you'd rather have that as your background. You must choose. But choose wisely.

open photo booth brick background

5. Props

This is a fun aspect of open photo booths and the companies that run them. Props! There are dozens of them. You can carry whatever you like into the frame. A fake mustache, a giant pair of glasses, a guitar, a piñata, a grandparent… it's up to you! Now, no one said you can't take props into an enclosed photo booth, but good luck squeezing that giant inflatable shark in there.

big props in open photo booth

Most of these differences have a good deal to do with spontaneity, a staple for anyone looking to hire a photo booth for any event. You need this to tap into the center of whatever is driving your event. The un-enclosed, dare I say OPEN nature of open photo booths make them perfect for such an occasion.

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