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At The SnapBar, smiling clients, smiling guests, and a smiling team is our number one priority. We work hard to build a healthy and vibrant internal culture, an excited and loving fanbase, and to provide clients with the best event services in the world as related to our area of expertise: photo booths and custom photographic experiences.

We are seeking sharp, friendly, creative, and resourceful people to join our team in the role of SnapBar Pro. The role of a SnapBar Pro is to support and work alongside other same-city team members as we continue to fuel growth across the West Coast and beyond.

The SnapBar Pro role is a unique opportunity to have direct impact and visibility into the event industry in West Coast markets. This role is important to us as it’s the only way the public at large comes into physical contact with our company and brand. All other communications and operations are run remotely via phone and email, so for all intents and purposes, a SnapBar Pro IS The SnapBar. With that in mind, we believe this role is incredibly important to the growth of our company.

This role will require you to think on your feet, adapt to changing circumstances, and work seamlessly across multiple types of events with various coordinating teams and external partners.

Traits of highly qualified candidates include an outgoing personality, ability to smile for hours on end, some experience in the event industry, demonstrated entrepreneurial interest, and the ability to work remotely, by yourself, in a big city. All of this must happen while you stay incredibly organized with your schedule of events!



• Grow The SnapBar in your city by running our company services at various events.

• Plan ahead, stay organized, and take care of equipment, knowing the success of an event depends on YOU.

• Successfully help intoxicated guests use the photo booth, laugh, cry, and then leave without breaking anything.

• Manage large crowds, multiple questions, and demanding clients while running the event service for those ready to use it.

• Commit to grow personally by delving into leadership studies, team-building exercises, and reading that relates to business, marketing, and customer service

• Help identify any company inefficiencies and help develop ideas for how to better take care of clients and make more guests smile, more of the time.



• Personability. Strong communication and relationship development skills, the ability to engage and communicate clearly and consistently with internal team members, external guests, and clients.

• Availability. A flexible schedule, the ability to work 3 out of 4 Saturdays per month, and an eagerness to take on more events.

• Reliability. Maintaining an organized calendar, responsibility, and staying committed to confirmed events.

• Composure. Problem-solving, creativity, and the ability to stay calm and thrive in high-pressure conditions.

• Technical Ability. Familiarity with multiple kinds of tech and the ability to learn and adapt to new systems and updates with all related equipment.

• A smartphone and a few apps we use for internal communications.

• Reliable and presentable mode of transportation.

• Ability to lift equipment weighing up to 50 pounds in and out of your car by yourself.

• Ability to flourish in a fast-paced, high-growth environment and navigate easily through change and ambiguity.



• Higher than average hourly rate.

• Retirement Plan (401k).

• Personal and professional development with The SnapBar team.

• Meeting awesome people at the coolest parties, weddings, and events.

• Occasional tips.




The SnapBar is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information or any other prohibited category.