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Hashtag Printing

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Hashtag Printing

Hashtag Printing is the perfect way to get your guests engaged with your brand on social media, especially with your Twitter and Instagram presence.
It's the easiest, most organic way to promote a hashtag and spread the word about your company, marketing campaign, product launch, or fundraiser. 
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Branded Prints

We custom design all prints so that users walk away with a keepsake that includes your marketing message.
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Social Marketing

Create buzz for brand campaigns. People upload photos with your hashtag & get free prints-- it's magic!
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Friendliest People

You won't find friendlier photo booth pros. We hire the best people, and their job is making people smile!
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Unlimited Printing

With our top-of-the-line printers, there's no limit to the number of
pics you take or prints you get.

how it works

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Guests take photos at your event, edit them, and upload them to Instagram or Twitter.
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Using a unique hashtag, they post the photos to their accounts, speading your brand message.
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All of your guests' photos are automatically printed with custom designs and branding.


Here's a list of features available with hashtag printing.
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From Digital to Physical

People love prints. They love the fact that they can walk away with a memory or keepsake within seconds of posting a photo. This concept is the magic of Hashtag Printing, brands can get people to post hashtags willingly because people want their free prints. Hashtag Printing is a unique experience that ties the digital to the physical in real-time, and the technology behind it amazes our users time and again!

Branded Prints

Another benefit of the Hashtag Printing experience for brands is the customization options for the Instagram prints. Aside from having people use a specific hashtag, brands can choose the look and style of their prints so that the physical memory users walk away with includes a marketing message, logo, or design.
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Simple Marketing

With Hashtag Printing, the photo booth lives in peoples' pockets. They're in charge of taking photos, editing them, and using your event hashtag. We're in charge of making sure they love their automatic Instagram prints and keep spreading your brand's message. 
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Unlimited Prints

Don't limit your Hashtag Printing fun.
As long as the hashtag is unique, we'll
print Instagram photos non-stop.
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Custom Design

Designers on our team will work with
you to craft the perfect print design 
that includes your brand's message.
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SnapBar Pro

Our team of photo experience gurus
will make sure the Hashtag Printing
portion of your event is a big hit.


These are optional add-ons to your Hashtag Printing activation. 
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Whether you want to lease, purchase, or order custom props for your Hashtag Printing activation, we can help. We have experience designing and sourcing the best props on the market, from molded polymer clay 'stick' props to custom signs and masks.


Our backdrops are clean, minimal, and look great in any venue. While custom backdrops are what we recommend for Hashtag Printing events, we have four backdrop styles available for immediate use. 

Clients who want the Hashtag Printing experience to include this photo booth add-on idea and have their guests 'shoot' Instagram photos against a backdrop should ask about our many backdrop options.

View Backdrops
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We absolutely LOVED The SnapBar! We had them at our NARS Event at Nordstrom. I would definitely recommend them for a flawless event!

- Chrissy C.

It was absolutely the most seamless and stress-free process from start to finish and yielded excellent photos and memories.

- Carolyn D.

The SnapBar team was the highlight of our birthday party. Those guys are top-notch in every way. When I turn 40 again (wink-wink), I'll be sure to have these guys at the party.

- Steve G.

The process couldn't have been easier... It was great that I could use their online form to tell them what I needed, then pay online and be confident that they would deliver.

- Jen K.

We had The SnapBar at our wedding and they were awesome!!! Friendly staff, very easy to work with, and professional. Print quality was very high. We will definitely use them again!

- Jane R.

The SnapBar was the best choice we made... the pictures turned out so beautiful! A lot of our guests changed their profile pictures the next day. Pictures were uploaded right away! I can't say enough good things about The SnapBar... definitely well worth our money!

- Firly T.

The attendant was engaging, thoughtful and well prepared. The photo strips came out really great and everyone had a great time. We would definitely use them again for another event... I would highly recommend them!

- Sara G.

The SnapBar was one of the best investments I made for our wedding. My guests could not stop talking about how cool the setup was, how happy they were that they could all fit in one photo and how crisp and clear the photos were. They had a line pretty much all night and were totally prepared for the traffic. I cannot recommend them enough.

- Margeaux H.

The SnapBar did a fantastic job for one of our local corporate events! The custom picture handouts with our company logo were the perfect touch for our customer appreciation event!

- Tony B.