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What kind of photo booth is The SnapBar?

Our normal answer: it's an AWESOME photo booth. But people are usually asking about the 'style' of photo booth, to which we say: “The SnapBar is an open-set photo booth!" This means three things: our photo booth fits a BUNCH of people, our image quality is incredible, and the experience is more open and shareable-- basically a lot more fun!

I got quoted $499 for a 4-hour event with printing. Can you guys price match?

Nope! And let us be the first to warn you about 'cheap' photo booths that lurk in the corners of Google. OK, we're being dramatic, but seriously, please be careful (for your own sake) about who you book for your event. Extra 'hidden' charges, attendants on their phones the whole time, gear stops working, company arrives late, these are just a few of the sad stories we've heard from people. We have done everything in our power to make our photo booth experience and our prices WORTH your investment, and we think you'll agree with us if we work together!

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How does the SnapBar work?

Well, that's easy. You walk up to the SnapBar photo booth, our awesome SnapBar Pro's will greet you (awesomely), and then ask you stand in front of our beautiful, wooden photo booth boxes. Right away, you'll be able to see yourself in the screen with our LIVE VIEW. Then, use our touch screens to snap your photos! Before the camera 'fires, it will count down to give you time to pose. Then, it will flash, and then you'll see the image you took right away on the same touch screen in front of you. You can take as many photos as you want, of course, and then you'll get a little card to help you find them all on our hosting site the next day!

Do I have to pay for a SnapBar Pro? What's a SnapBar Pro?

No, our photo booth experiences include a SnapBar Pro for the full amount of hours each photo booth package includes. A SnapBar Pro is a friendly, funny, classy, awesome, thoughtful, kind person who knows the SnapBar inside and out and specializes in making people feel comfortable and laugh!

Do I have to pay any type of deposit?

Yes! We ask that a 50% deposit is sent to us to finalize a booking for all standard events as well as custom events and any production work.

What if I want to keep the SnapBar past the hour limit?

If the fun happening at your event means you want us there for longer, we charge an hourly rate of $175 for every hour we go over what's included in your booking.

Do you sell prints of the photos?

Nope! If you book a SnapBar photo booth experience that includes printing, then we print as many as your guests want, and it's all FREE for them. All the digital images will be online the next day, and they are also all free to view and download, so you can order your own custom prints!

Does the SnapBar edit all the photos?

Every photo that comes from us looks awesome, and many are edited to one degree or another. We often tailor the editing process to suit a style or idea that you might have.

Do I have to use a backdrop?

Not at all! Backdrop or no backdrop, we'll make sure people have a blast and the photos look great. Need us to create a custom backdrop for your event? Email us with your ideas, and we'll get back to you with prices.

Does The SnapBar charge for travel?

Not if you're near Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, or Los Angeles! For all travel outside a 25-mile driving radius, we charge a custom fee that depends on event location and accessibility. You'll see all travel charges reflected in your invoice.

Is set-up and take-down included in the SnapBar package?

Yes! It takes us about 90 minutes to set-up and 20 to take-down depending on the location. You are not charged for either one!

Can guests view the photos right away?

They can indeed! Images are viewable within seconds of taking them on a digital touch screen display facing the guests.

Are there props for people to use? Do you have to pay for them?

We do provide props, and they are included with every photo experience package! We typically bring a minimal, clean selection of signs, mustaches, lips, silly glasses of various sorts, masks, bow-ties, and a few other rotating props to keep things fresh!