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What type of photo booth is Snapbar?

All of Snapbar’s photo booths are made with quality and care in mind! This means that what you see is what you get — beautiful open-air booths producing quality photos you can keep forever! We have three different types of photo booths that we can recommend for and tailor to your specific event: the Luxe Booth, Brand Booth, and Selfie Stand.

Why don't you have pricing on your website?

As a company, we value finding our clients the best photo experience to match their specific needs and vision. Starting a conversation allows us to tailor a quote to your event, as well as get to know you!

Do you price match or offer discounts?

As a company, we try our best to treat all of our clients fairly, whether they're a large corporation or a small nonprofit. For this reason, we try to offer consistent pricing to all our clients. While we can’t promise anything, we do try our best to work within our clients' budgets!

Is a SnapBar Pro necessary?

Yes, they come as part of our Luxe and Brand Booth packages! Our onsite attendants are present to make sure all our equipment runs smoothly, distribute photo prints, maintain upbeat energy around the booth, and help with line management. They are also there to help with any questions guests may have with the booth. If you would like an unmanned option, you may want to consider our Selfie Stands! Our Selfie Stands are a stand-alone booth that we ship straight to you.

Can I use my own backdrop? If I create my own backdrop, can I get a discount?

You can absolutely use your own! We have many clients that use unique walls at their venues, florist-designed backdrops, or creations they've made themselves. If you would like to provide your own, let one of our Event Managers know, and we can send over our recommendations for bringing your own backdrop to ensure the highest quality photos. 
We offer a choice of four included backdrops that come as part of our Luxe and Brand Booth packages. The backdrops we provide are made of stretch-to-fit fabric which allows for glare-free photos. These are provided as a courtesy and do not affect the price of your rental.

Are there props for people to use?

Yes! Props are included with all of our Luxe and Brand Booth packages. Our props include a selection of silly glasses, mustaches, lips, masks, and fun signs. You are, of course, welcome and encouraged to provide supplemental props according to your event’s theme!

How can I spice up my photo booth?

There are countless ways to break the status quo of a traditional photo booth--we help clients do it all the time. Lost for ideas? Take a look at our LookBook here! Like something you see or have an inspiration? Let one of our Events Managers know.

Do you require power?

Yes! For all of our booths, a standard 10-15 amp wall outlet will suffice.

How much space is required for the photo booth?

Our Luxe and Brand Booths require an 8x8’ footprint, including an 8’ height clearance for the backdrop. If you are working with a smaller space, you might consider our Selfie Stand which requires a mere 1x1’ footprint and stands roughly 5’ tall!

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How does Snapbar work? What is the guest experience like?

Our open-air photo booths allow for you to simply step up and start snapping photos! With our Luxe and Brand Booths, you will be directed by our fun and energetic Pro through the photo booth process. See the short video below for a quick demonstration!

Are the photos edited?

Every photo taken with our Luxe or Brand Booth is immediately edited after each session! With all of our booths, we offer fun, edited effects that can be added to your experience as well.

Can guests see their photos after they take them?

They can indeed! Images are viewable within seconds of taking them on a digital touch screen display facing the guests. Even more, with our Luxe and Brand Booths, if we have a reliable wifi connection at your venue, the photos will be edited and uploaded to an online gallery immediately after each session.

What is a GIF?

A GIF is a compilation of several photos looped together to form a video. We offer 3 different types of GIFs: standard, burst, and boomerang! Examples:

Standard (DLSR)


Burst (DSLR)


Boomerang (Selfie Stand)


What should I do on my event day if I want to keep my booth longer than I originally scheduled and paid for?

We love it when our clients and their guests are having fun in the photo booth! We ask that our Pros be flexible with event end times for these circumstances. If you would like to extend your time, please consult with your Pro to confirm their availability, and we will invoice you for the additional hour(s) following your event.

What if I want my photo booth set up well before the start time, or for the booth to stop mid-event for a while?

Many events opt to have part of their photo booth time be counted as an “idle hour” — in other words, you don't need a live photo booth during a particular hour of your event. It's up to your discretion if you need an idle hour before, during, or even after the photo booth time. Feel free to pass on your detailed timeline to one of our Events Managers and they can help create the perfect photo booth outline for your event, including detailed pricing information.

Are set-up and tear-down included in my photo booth rental?

With our Luxe and Brand Booths, yes. We ask that our SnapBar Pro have access to the venue 2 hours before the event start time for set-up and 30 minutes following the event for tear-down. Both are included in your invoice total! With our Selfie Stands, we will ship the Selfie Stand straight to you, including simple assembly instructions.

What is a wrap? What’s the difference between a Partial Wrap and Full Wrap?

A wrap is what we use to cover our Brand Booths and Selfie Stands with your branding or design! We create these wraps in-house using a special vinyl material and apply them to the booth before it is delivered to you.

A Partial Wrap allows you to choose a solid side strip color of your choice. We can then add your logo(s) to the front and the back of the booth, leaving it primarily white.


A Full Wrap allows you to choose a solid side strip color and cover the whole front and back of the booth in whatever design or color you would like!

Can the booth be outside?

We suggest the booth be set up indoors if possible — however, we totally get that sometimes this isn't the case! We have a few requirements to guarantee the highest quality photos and protection of our booth. Be sure to ask one of our Events Managers to pass on this information if you plan to have your photo booth outside.

Do you service outside the USA?

Unfortunately, we only service the States at this time. We would love to attend a lovely wedding in Italy someday, but for now, we can travel or ship our products to anywhere in our country of origin!