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Custom Ideas

Whether you want to install a permanent photo booth, create a custom photo experience for your brand, or need a unique twist on our regular photo booth packages, our team is here to help turn your ideas into engaging and successful experiences that guests and customers love.

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how it works


your Idea

What have you dreamt up? If your idea involves photos, marketing and an engaging experience, you need to contact us.


our expertise

We have a ton of experience creating cool experiences. Let our team work with you to make something great happen.


pure Magic

Our custom photo experiences have thrilled all our clients and we continue to dream up great ideas year after year.

GIF Booths

GIF booths are all the rage. We customize the look and feel of
your GIF experience to create an engaging digital activation.
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Animated GIFs

Take multiple photos, have our software turn them into a shareable GIF, get a print of your images, and get access the individual digital photos as well! It’s the ultimate I-want-it-all photo booth experience. 

We can brand GIFs, overlay them with your marketing message, and basically create any digital look you want to accomplish thanks to our team's design gurus.

Optional GIF Printing

If you want your guests to have a takeaway with their GIF experience, we'll create
custom photo layouts and print them immediately after every GIF session.
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Green screen photo booths

Green Screen photo booth activations don't have to be complicatedLet our designers
and photographers take care of the wild images you want as backdrops and w
e'll customize
the photo booth user interface to accomplish whatever green screen dreams you have.
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Make Your Green Screen Dreams A Reality

Want a photo of yourself sitting in a sports car with a model? What about a picture of your guests floating in a space station? Or crazier yet, a printed image of you standing next to your favorite celebrities? Whatever the idea, we bring our expertise, our people, our gear, our software, and a heavy dose of fun to your event, so that your green screen photo booth experience becomes one to remember.

Green screen activations are great for promotional events – think career day with an airline company where teens get to imagine themselves in a future company role by choosing from different backgrounds – or when multiple brands are co-sponsoring an event and have different ideas of the photos they want guests to take.

Custom Photo Booth Installs

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Hip coffee shops, popular juice bars, luxury retailers, modern hotels and clubs are all experiencing the benefits of permanent photo booth installations. Why? It's simple-- when you give your guests the tools they need to take photos - complete with your branding - and share them online with their friends, organic buzz is created for your brand and a digital form of 'word-of mouth' marketing is generated.

If you're curious about what permanent photo booths or custom photo experiences might be able to do for your brand or marketing campaign, we'd love to talk to you. Don't hesitate to contact our custom activation experts using the link below.

Contact Us
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Case studies

VIP Snow Angel Flipbook Experience

A incredible event for some of REI's most active members
resulted in snow angels they could remember forever.
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Marketers from REI approached us with an idea: They wanted to create a unique experience for their VIP members at an exclusive event. 

The goal was to create a fake snow pit, have guests lay down and start making snow angels, and film them using an overhead video and lighting solution. Guests would then walk away with a final product of a printed flipbook keepsake within 5 minutes! 

After the event, we turned the hundreds of flipbooks into short GIF's so guests could access their snow angel experience online and share it with the world. The event was a huge success, and REI's members were absolutely blown away by the fun and fluidity of the experience.

Rei image 1 f8b607df12c4223f8106b486e08e5d1814e1fe09f35f136886eaabeff2a881a1Rei image 2 e12a12a009d514c22b4f9a7fa7b37c3e2418b4ba9473a05b191de34d8ec09baaRei image 3 0ebf62980618f878c0c00eb9e6c141f5a1ba3b12d9fba938aa7e536e34514515

Permanent Wine Bar Photo Booth

A permanent photo booth installation in one of Kirkland's newest retail concepts:
a Sotheby's International Realty office, local wine bar, and event space.
Sotheby image 1 2dc8337ecef926944d23aa0007ca2db55acba56d0cacd938b9d573f95ee2b0b9


Executives from Realogics, an award winning real estate company, were creating a new retail concept in downtown Kirkland.

The goal was to install a photo booth inside a wall, integrate it with the venue's AV systems, and allow photos to be displayed via a projector in real-time as they were taken. 

We worked with the construction crew and multimedia company outfitting the venue to create a classy, integrated photo booth. Guests with a clicker were able to take their own photos, whether they were enjoying a glass of wine on Thursday night, or attending a party on Saturday. During events, the images would be displayed via a projector system in real-time, but during the week, all images were accesible via iPads built into the walls around the venue.

Sotheby image 2 42a1ccfb1ca1bfe5d14ce9cac08f88a5982f52da89c0cd9d3b3fcc7e707a2104Sotheby image 3 7314d80013acd6b80ca1bb9c6fd0458378c25868882e247ee88184ce44cc64d1