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Animated GIF Effect

Almost everything can be branded at The SnapBar and that includes any animations you’d like to add to your GIFs! Use color, logos, or overlays of any type to deliver a more creative output that your event guests will love to share.

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Glam Effect

Kardashians made it famous, but now everyone's jumping in on the glam fun. Using advanced, real-time editing tech, guests snap a pic and within seconds see the GLAM version of the photo and walk away with prints they'll never throw away because they just look TOO GOOD!

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Pop Art Effect

Andy Warhol anyone? Our Pop Art experiences incorporate green screen tech with our beautiful photo booths and create incredibly unique and visually impressive photos and prints!

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Gel Lighting

Bring out a different side of your event guests with this moody custom photo booth experience. We add your preferred shades of lighting to any of our Luxe, Brand, or Array Booths, and let your guests do the rest. Users love the eye-catching, unique experience, and social shares are sure to abound!

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Leaf Blower Photo Booth Experience

What's funnier than getting blown in the face with a high-powered leaf blower and then snapping a picture of yourself? Nothing. Nothing is funnier than that. And that's exactly what we're doing with our brand new leaf blower photo booth experience!

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Snowfall Experience

Why not let us bring the snow to you? For some winter magic, we pair a snow machine with a wintry backdrop, allowing guests to pose in their own personal snow flurry! Safe for indoor use, and sure to cause a sensation at your seasonal event!

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Projector Photo Booth Experience

Take a Brand Booth, suspend a short-throw projector above it, create some themed video overlays, and put it all together for the fun, trip effect that is our Projection Experience!

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Green Screen Activation

Green screen photo booth activations are the perfect way to give your event guests even more control over their custom photo experience. Let users select from multiple different backgrounds or place them in a new environment you create for them, either way, the results are bound to grab attention.

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Case studies

PopCap - Custom Experience Design

When a massive holiday party lets you know its theme is Harry Potter, you step up to the plate and deliver the most magical, Hogwarts-worthy photo booth experience you can. We customized the stage, the chairs, the backdrop, the prints, the overlays, and the edits to let guests walk away with amazing photos of themselves sitting in Albus Dumbledore's office!

View case study here

Facebook Fauxchella - Custom Effect

Facebook and our friends at Shindig Events created an incredible event by taking over Gasworks Park in Seattle. With the hottest DJs and musical performances, food and drink everywhere, party-goers would get temp tattoos or henna, enter our CMYK photo booth tent, and take wild CMYK photos that fit the unforgettable Coachella-vibe summer party. 

View case study here

Nike X Nordstrom - Retail Activation

The Nike x Nordstrom brand came to us with a request to activate a four-city event to celebrate Nike Air Max Day. From the experience concept, to the branding and design integration, through to logistics, The SnapBar helped create simultaneous day-long photo experiences in Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver, and Toronto!


View case study here

REI - Retail Activation

How do you throw the biggest party REI's Flagship store in Seattle has ever thrown? By inviting thousands of REI's awesome members and getting the best caterers, brewers, wine-makers, musicians, and experience creators out there to make it a party you can't forget! We activated a massive Snow Angel Experience and covered the place in Hydro Flask Selfie Stands.

View case study here

T-Mobile Pride - Animated GIF

Pride Month is no joke in Seattle, and T-Mobile didn't want to miss out! They asked us to help them emphasize their Unlimited Data plan within the framework of Pride at several events through the month. The resulting theme? Unlimited Pride, made into a photo experience featuring falling rainbows, multicolored prints, and super fun animated GIFs! 

View case study here