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Why You Need a Virtual Booth

Virtual booth header

Julia K.

Jul 30, 2020

With any event, whether it be in-person or virtual, the key to making it a success involves creating engagement. Engagement with the content, the people, the sponsors, the location or virtual environment, and so on. For in-person events, this has been relatively straightforward and thousands of excellent planners and agencies have worked for years to create better event engagement. But things are different now. 

As more and more events go virtual’, planners and agencies are presented with a new challenge -- virtual engagement. 

How do you create virtual engagement as people sit on their couch, stand at their home desk, listen to their kids in the background, or take care of their dog as they’re listening to a keynote?

We felt this problem ourselves. As a team that’s been working remote and is also well accustomed to being involved at events around the country, we wanted to create a product that made virtual a little less boring and a little more engaging. Our solution: Virtual Booth. 

Not only is our virtual photo booth a fun activity for event participants, it also solves a number of problems virtual events face, while providing several avenues for engagement! Are you ready? Let’s dive in!


First, the obvious one. Virtual Booth helps keep your audience engaged. One of the most common issues virtual events face is maintaining audience engagement. With easy access to distractions online, sustaining engagement in your event, your brand, and your sponsors can be a challenge. Virtual Booth lets attendees engage with a custom photo booth, take branded photos, customize them, and even include their kids, their dog, or their houseplants in the fun, throughout the event. 

Name Badge:

Another incredibly helpful Virtual Booth feature is what we call the virtual name badge. A few of our clients came to us asking for a better way to facilitate introductions and get a quick idea of who someone is and what they do. So we created a feature for Virtual Booth that allows attendees to add their name and other relevant info to their Virtual Booth images, which can act as a virtual event profile pic or name tag! 


A main reason people attend in-person events is to make connections and expand their network. This may seem difficult to achieve at a virtual event, but with a Virtual Booth, building connections can be made simpler! To help attendees connect further, create an event hashtag. 

As participants snap photos, encourage your attendees to share their images and thoughts about the event on social media using your event hashtag. Attendees can then search the event hashtag and find all the photos and reflections from the event in one place, like a meeting room! Participants can connect with each other, by liking, commenting, and following one another on social media, allowing them to grow their network.


Marketing and Brand awareness:

Virtual Booth also provides easy marketing and brand exposure opportunities for your event. Just add your logo or event title to your Virtual Booth overlay and/or an artificial background. When your attendees share their photos on social platforms, it brings marketing and brand exposure to your event and sponsor messages.


Most in person events typically provide their attendees with a form of swag or keepsake to take home post-event. If you don’t want to invest an extensive amount of time in finding the right keepsake for your virtual audience, Virtual Booth provides a simple and stress free option. Attendees can snap and download as many images as they want from the event, to keep as a souvenir and use however they want.


Virtual Booth also provides an excellent way to display your virtual event sponsors. You can either place your sponsor logo on the image overlays, or if you choose to add ai removable backgrounds, you can incorporate the event sponsor into the backgrounds. If you have multiple event sponsors, you can display each event sponsor on a different background or you can place multiple sponsor logos on one background. For a sponsorship example, check out our case study on WOCN.

If you’re looking to raise sponsorship dollars, consider selling Virtual Booth as a package to a sponsor who wants to be connected to a fun, engaging piece of the event experience.


Our last suggestion for creating audience engagement and promoting your event with Virtual Booth is through a contest. Here are a couple of ways to accomplish this:

Option 1: Have your attendees take a photo with your Virtual Booth, then share it on social media, using your event hashtag. After all your attendees have submitted a photo, randomly select a photo and contact the winner!

Option 2: Use the previous method above but instead of sharing on social media, have users email or text their photos in. Repeat the selection process in Option 1, to choose your winner and interview them about what they took away from your virtual event.

Option 3: Host a contest where the most creative virtual booth photo taken receives a prize! You can choose the photo submission that you think is best and reward the creative individual with a free admission the next year, an actual prize, or simply the recognition and promotion as the winner!

These are just a few ways that a Virtual Booth can make a virtual event better. All you need is a little creativity, our virtual photo booth, and a virtual gathering. Beyond that, the opportunities are endless! 

To learn more about Virtual Booth, or to get it for your next virtual event, contact Snapbar today.