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Planning, Decor, & Favorite Moments From Simply By Tamara Nicole

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Nicole, Lindsay, Claire, and Tamara Nicole from Simply by Tamara Nicole

May 15, 2017

We asked our good friends at Simply by Tamara Nicole to share some of their professional opinions about wedding planning! They kindly agreed and provided us with wedding tips, the best decor trends, and their favorite wedding memories to share with you!

Wedding Planning Tips:


- Start planning early!

- Create a Pinterest board to keep track of all your fun ideas.

- Don't forget to Breathe!


- Hire someone to worry about all the details and planning -- at least for the day of the wedding! The details and tasks add up and can bring unnecessary stress that can take away from the beauty of such a special day.

- You get what you pay for. I hate that this is so true! Decide what is most important to you both and choose quality over quanitity.

- Take in every moment of your wedding day and don't let ANYTHING dull the sparkle of YOUR day!

PC: Melissa Kilner Photography


- Vendor referrals! Ask your friends, venue, and planner for vendor referrals. Personal referrals are the best shot on getting hands on experience and stories to make sure you are picking the best (and right) fit for you and your fiance!

- It's the little things! Little details such as ribbon, groom socks, personal signage, etc. These are all things that can change the look and feel of your special day, by adding to the finishing touches on such an amazing and intimate moment.

PC: Ryan Flynn Photography

- Overwhelmed? Don't be! Breathe -- write down anything that is stressing you out and take one step at a time.

Tamara Nicole:

- Trust your vendors! Do your due diligence in research before hiring them by reading reviews and looking at their work. After you hire them, relax and know that they have your best interest at heart, and will do their best work when they know you have confidence in them and don't try to over micro-manage.

- Before planning , sit down with your fiance and rate the areas in your wedding. What are your top three important pieces? Entertainment, photography, and ambiance? Focus on those three areas to make them amazing! Shift the budget towards what is most important, and then be smart and budget conscious about the other areas. They can still be great, but you don't need to go all out in every single area (of course, unless you want to). Focusing on a few things and making them stand out can have a huge impact.

PC: Ryan Flynn Photography

- Remember that you can't please everyone. If you plan your entire wedding trying to please other, and not doing what excited you, it won't be as enjoyable. Of course, keep your guests in mind. But it's YOUR big day!

Favorite Decor Ideas


- Fun and personalized signs/big balloons that spell out fun sayings. "Treat Yo Self" above the dessert bar? Yes please!

PC: Julianna J Photography

- Lights and Candles everywhere! It makes everything look so pretty!


- I love when brides/grooms hand make wedding favors or other elements to the decor. It's such a sweet gesture that shows how much they care and adds that personal touch.

- Simple is best. the most striking decor I have seen was white on white. White everything! It is amazing how breathtaking a room filled with white everything can be!

PC: Mat Divad Photography


- I just love personal touches, such as a choreographed dance, the bride and groom serenading their loved ones with a surprise performance, etc.

- Also incorporating something non-traditional and unique that tells you more about the couple.

Tamara Nicole:

- Personal details are so much fun! Whatever it may be, make your wedding YOU. Your guests will notice your sweet little thoughtful details. We always tell our clients, we want your guests to walk into you wedding and say, "This is totally them!"

PC: Nikki Closser Photography

Favorite Wedding Moment:

Nicole: Seeing everything put together and how happy the couple is. The craziness all pays off in the end!

Lindsay: The wedding ceremony. I can't help but get caught up in the initmate exchange of vows between two people, and how powerful that love and commitment is to witness.

Claire: The end of the ceremony and the announcement of the new Mr. and Mrs.!

Tamara Nicole: The First Look. So much excitement and build up. It's the first time they see each other on one of the most important days of their lives. It can be so magical and intimate!

Header & Excerpt Image Credit: Katie Parra Photography

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