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Virtual Event Activities Part I

Virtual event activies pt i header

Julia K.

Aug 19, 2020

It’s been a few months now since we all transitioned our events to the virtual space. One of the biggest things we’ve learned is that virtual events are more fun and effective when we have the chance to connect with one another, instead of just listening to content, webinar-style.

This begs the question: how do you develop these moments of connection virtually? We suggest a good place to start is with activities. Virtual event activities provide opportunities for attendees to communicate, interact, and connect with each other through a shared experience.

Whether you’re planning a virtual team building event, a virtual conference, or a virtual party, it’s important for attendees to connect. That’s why we’ve put together a three part series highlighting virtual event activities of all types, that will keep you inspired and help your virtual event attendees feel connected.   

Part I - Virtual Work Activities

When planning a virtual work event, it’s important to keep your team in mind. Incorporate easy activities that encourage team building, laughter, and relaxation to help your team bond and shake off some of the stress they might deal with day-to-day. Here’s a few activities that work well for work events.


It may seem unconventional, but crafting is a good virtual activity because it allows your attendees to exercise a different part of their brain. A craft also doubles as a keepsake for attendees to remember the event by, if highlighting the event is part of your goal.

The key to craft-making is to keep it simple. It can be as painless as picking an image to have everyone color / paint over or finding a print-out online that everyone can complete. No need to overcomplicate it. Constraints can be a good thing and the simpler it is, the more likely you are to get higher involvement.

Want to make it a bit more fun? Have your attendees take a picture of their craft with a virtual photo booth. Using a gallery link, event attendees can then look at every photo that’s been taken and see all team members’ crafts. Check out this example from the Change Network Convening.


Games are an easy and fun activity you can almost always fall back on successfully during a virtual event. Games are also a helpful go-to because they don’t require a lot of planning. Many games only require a mobile device, making it simple to play virtually with your group. A few of our favorites include pictionary, uno, monopoly, and Jackbox Games.

Stretching/Workout Sessions

One challenge of a virtual event is that attendees are often stationary during the event. The solution? Activities like stretching or 3 minute workouts. Not only do these activities provide your attendees an opportunity to move, they also provide a good break from the regular content. Offer a group led mini-yoga session to get your attendees up and moving and to provide added value.

Trivia Night

Trivia, anyone? With a quick google search you can find hundreds of trivia questions and answers. Or if you’d prefer, you can also make up your own trivia questions relating to your topic of choice. When it comes time to play, simply have your attendees raise their hands in person or using features on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. There are also many 3rd party, hosted trivia activities springing up, as a result of the remote work situation, many teams find themselves in. 

Virtual Happy Hour

You can’t go wrong with a virtual happy hour, it’s a great way to relax after a long day of work. For tips on planning a virtual happy hour, check out our blog

Talent Show

If you’re looking for a good way to build camaraderie amongst your team, a talent show is a fun and silly option. Notify your team well enough in advance to see who’s interested and to allow them time to prepare. Once you know who’s participating, lay out a schedule for when each person will perform. Send out the schedule before the virtual event to prevent any awkward transitions between performances.

Photo Contest

A photo contest is a fun activity for a virtual event because it gets people up and moving and can also lead to lots of laughs. To create a photo contest, simply choose a few items to be the main object for each round. Select items people will find around their home, like a fork, or paper towels. Then using Virtual Booth, have your attendees take the most creative pictures / selfies they can including each object. With Virtual Booth’s gallery link, you and your attendees can see all the photos taken and, after each round, pick a winner for the most creative photo taken.

When planning a virtual work event, remember the point is connection. Moments that let people interact in a different way than normal during a regular work week. Try to incorporate activities that will strengthen the connection and discussions between your team members. 

That wraps up our Virtual Work Activities recommendations, but it’s not the end of this series.

Check out Part II, coming soon, for Virtual Conference Activities!


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