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The Versatility of The SnapBar

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Danica G.

May 28, 2019

If you’ve been to a holiday party, music festival, wedding, conference, or any myriad of other events in the last 6 years, it’s likely you’ve encountered The SnapBar.

What Does The SnapBar Do?

Coachella? Been there done that (around 5 times, actually).

Coachella Harley Davidson photo booth

Holiday parties? Yes, for Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and well over 300 other companies big and small.

Women of Facebook GIF photo booth

And, when you include other corporate events, like conferences, marketing activations, or smaller cocktail socials with clients, we've worked with over 1,000 unique companies of all shapes and sizes on over 2,000 unique events.

For years, we’ve been the go-to photo experience for clients up and down the west coast and around the country. Heck, we’ve even done photo experiences around the world.

the versatility of The SnapBar

But what do photo experiences look like? And who uses The SnapBar?

Well, the short answer is everything and anyone. Keep reading for the long answer...

What is The SnapBar’s Story?

The SnapBar started out exclusively doing weddings. Unlike other photo booth companies, our founders created their photo booth from scratch and didn’t actually intend on starting a company.

Wedding photo booth rental

But when more people started asking for their photo booth and it couldn’t just be a weekend gig anymore, Sam and Joe had an idea.

Why not make photo booths a full-time job? Why not give it a fun name (like, The SnapBar, maybe?) And why not use their skills to bring a great experience to everyone who hired them?

Thus, The SnapBar was born.

The SnapBar Founders, Sam and Joe

Since then, we’ve done over 536 weddings, 500 holiday parties, and numerous large-scale activations.

What Can The SnapBar Offer?

From the first contact to the day of your event to the final email, The SnapBar offers a world-class photo experience. Making sure everything goes smoothly and without a hitch is what we’re known for. (It’s a part of our values)

Whether you have a <$1,000 budget for a 2-hour cocktail party or need help with a huge, multi-booth activation, we’re here for you.

The SnapBar offers stellar customer service, incredible experiences, high-quality images, and a wide range of products that work for many budgets.

What The SnapBar can do

We’ve covered holiday parties, special events, festivals, school dances, weddings, and basically everything you can imagine wanting to remember in photo-form.

What is The SnapBar’s Doing Now?

Many people exclusively think of weddings when they think about the modern photo booth.

But recently, The SnapBar has gotten into the business of large-scale activations as well.

Right now, we have 46 of our Selfie Stands spread across North America and Europe, in partnership with Amazon. These experiences are capturing images when people complete a tour through one of Amazon’s distribution centers. You can read the full case study here!

Amazon large-scale Selfie Stand activation

Another large-scale activation was short-term for REI during the 2018 holiday season. Over the course of a week, there were 50 Selfie Stands sent out to REI locations across the United States. Find out how it went and how we did it!

REI Selfie Stand Activation

But Selfie Stands aren’t our only experience. We helped Google out with capturing photos at their CES roller coaster. And we just recently released a cool gel lighting experience to go with our Luxe Booths!

What Can You Do With The SnapBar?

Are you interested in inspiration on how to pose or what type of photo experience you want for your event? Check out our lookbook! It includes our coolest, most fun vibes.

80's themed party photo booth experience

Or do you need a gift for your office team that isn’t cake or another pizza party? Headshots are an awesome way to give your employees or event attendees a fun, useful gift, and when you get headshots from The SnapBar, they’re more than just photos, they’re an experience.

The SnapBar Photo Booth Headshots 2.0

Where is The SnapBar?

We might be based in the Seattle area, but we have Pros all up and down the west coast and we travel to wherever our clients need us.

We’ve worked in 40 of the continental United States and around the world. In whatever market you need a photo experience, we’re there.

Get to know us, our reviews, and the fun we can bring to your party, event or activation!


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