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Top Seattle Event Venues in 2018

Fremont foundry

Michael H.

Aug 14, 2018

What's one thing an event can't do without? That's right--a photo booth! Kidding (sort of). The real answer is a venue! Fortunately, here in Seattle, we are blessed with a myriad of venues to suit every theme, size, vibe, and type of event! From classic weddings to corporate holiday parties, we've had the privilege of bringing our booths to some of the most beautiful venues in Seattle! Here's our list of those we've visited the most! There's not a single one we don't love.

1. Sodo Park

The SnapBar's most attended venue ever is Sodo Park! Beloved by many a bride and groom, prom planner, and corporate events team, this venue is both amazingly beautiful, quintessentially Seattle, and ultra versatile. It holds a large capacity of guests, and lends itself well to themed decor!

Image: Alante Photography at Sodo Park

2. Sole Repair Shop

We love Sole Repair Shop so much that we even threw our own 5-year anniversary party here! Its intimate yet functional space, unique look, and wonderful staff put this one at the top of our list in more ways than one. Check out that exposed wood--it makes for a perfect natural backdrop.

Image: Quinn's Pub

3. Four Seasons Seattle

Water views and sunsets are always a wonderful bonus for your event, whatever the occasion! The Four Seasons keeps it classic in the best of ways.

Image: Flora Nova

4. Fremont Studios

If you're looking for a large capacity venue in Seattle, complete with multiple sound stages, look no further! We've attended the spectrum of events at this venue--from themed holiday parties to concerts. It's amazing how the space can transform for each different event!

Image: Club Zone

5. WithinSodo

This venue is absolutely beautiful! Versatile and unique, this space is wonderful for weddings, parties, and proms alike.

Image: Tom Ellis Photography at WithinSodo

6. 10 degrees

Looking for somewhere stylish, intimate, and so "Seattle?" Look no further. We work at 10 degrees on the reg and still can't get over its chill Seattle charm.

Image: Bien Venue

7. Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

Woodinville is wine country, and its crown jewel of wineries and venues is none other than Chateau Ste. Michelle! This estate has a variety of event spaces, and--you guessed it--wine! Chateau Ste. Michelle is beautiful indoor and out.

Image: Chateau Ste. Michelle

8. Fremont Foundry

Fremont Foundry knows how to light up the party with that glass floor! You should see it lit up with colored lights. This venue blends classic and industrial with ease.

Image: Manchik Photography at Fremont Foundry

9. Sheraton - Seattle

With views to offer, and both intimate and sprawling event spaces, the Sheraton has something to offer every event! We love the amazing windows in the main ballroom. 

Image: Seattle Sheraton

10. AXIS Pioneer Square

We are absolutely in love with AXIS Pioneer Square's brick wall. It also makes for a great photo booth backdrop! This is an amazing location in the heart of the city, and caters to a wide variety of events.

Image: Wedding Spot

Thank you to all of the venues that hosted us and created a beautiful place for our memories and shenanigans. We truly appreciate you and look forward to participating in more events together!


Excerpt Image: Fine Art America

Header Image: Karen Obrist Photography at Fremont Foundry


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