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The SnapBar's Top 10 Seattle Venues Of 2016

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Brianna C.

Jan 09, 2017

2016 was quite a year for us here at The SnapBar. We served our clients at nearly 500 events! At those events, guests proposed, got married, announced their pregnancies, marketed their companies, raised funds for great causes, made friends and memories, and just had a blast in general! We in turn captured memories, partied with awesome people, learned, and gained amazing experiences. But many times what makes these memories and experiences even more special is the place that they occurred. We were able to work at many amazing and diverse venues, and we appreciate every single one of them. It seemed, however, that there were certain venues constantly on our schedule-- in fact, several times this year, we helped unique clients celebrate their events at the SAME venue on consecutive nights! Below, we've highlighted The SnapBar's 10 most popular venues, that is, the venues that keep on bringing sexy back.

1. Sodo Park

The SnapBar's most attended venue of the past year was Sodo Park by Herban Feast (nearly 20 times in 2016 alone). Fun fact: 38% of people who thought they would never marry change their minds after seeing the photo below.

Seattle wedding venue

Image: Alante Photography at Sodo Park

2. AXIS Pioneer Square

We are absolutely in love with AXIS Pioneer Square's brick wall. It also makes for a great photo booth back drop!

Seattle wedding venue

Image: AXIS Pioneer Square

3. Sole Repair Shop

Just look at all of that beautiful, rustic wood... 2016 event planners had some great taste! Plus, how cool would it be to get married in a place with such rich history like an old shoe repair shop?!

Seattle wedding venue

Image: Stefan & Audrey Photography from The Venue Report

4. Fremont Foundry

Fremont Foundry knows how to class up the party with that glass floor! You should see it lit up with colored lights!

Seattle wedding venue

Image: Manchik Photography at Freemont Foundry

5. Skansonia

This nautical-themed venue has an amazing view of the Emerald City! The inside cabin is amazing too!

Outdoor Seattle wedding venue

Image: Skansonia

6. WithinSodo

This venue is absolutely beautiful! Bet you can't guess what our favorite part of this venue is (hint: look at #2).

Seattle wedding venue

Image: Tom Ellis Photography at WithinSodo

7. Four Seasons Seattle

Water views and sunsets are always a wonderful bonus for your event. This venue sets class at another level!

Seattle Four Seasons wedding venue

Image: Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

8. 415 Westlake

The lighting. The beams. The class. We're in love!

Westlake Seattle wedding venue

Image: Julie Harmsen at 415 Westlake

9. Zoe Events

This is the perfect place for a wedding reception or dinner party. The wood floors and benches give the venue a sexy, rustic look!

Seattle Wedding Venue

Image: Andrew Lovseth from Gallery 11 at Zoe Events

10. Georgetown Ballroom

This place was made for a party! There's plenty of room to get up and dance. And plenty of brick wall for a photo booth. ;)

Seattle Wedding Venue

Image: Red Box Pictures at Georgetown Ballroom

Thank you to all of the venues that hosted us and created a beautiful place for our memories and shenanigans. We truly appreciate you and look forward to participating in more events together!


Excerpt Image: Red Box Pictures at Georgetown Ballroom

Header Image: Urban Light Studios at AXIS Pioneer Square

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