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The Best Photo Booth Trends Of 2017

Blog booth trends 2

Brianna C.

Mar 07, 2017

Photo booths have been a popular addition to any party or event for quite a while now. With all this popularity, many wonder what industry leaders are going to do to keep this idea fresh and modern. Has the classic photo booth had its day? With the fun experience combined with the memorability of classic photo booth prints and their digital counterparts, I can say with confidence that they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. But, while some people like to stick with tried and true simplicity, others search for the bigger, better things. So what are some upgrades and trends to the beautiful simplistic photo booth?

1. GIF Booth

GIF booths add a bit of spice to the typical photo booth. They capture several photos and then loop them together in a hilariously entertaining video clip. In essence, it’s a virtual flipbook. So not only do participants receive a print of their photos (if you choose to do so), but they will be able to access a GIF of themselves to share with all of their friends and family. I mean, who doesn’t want a GIF of themselves?

Gold sequin GIF booth

2. Glam Booth

Glam booths spice up the photo booth experience with a beauty filter that hides all imperfections and makes you look better than a Kardashian! These instantly perfect images help you get in touch with your inner Vogue model.

Glam photo booth trend

3. Selfie Stand

Selfie Stands are unmanned and easy to use. Wrapped in your custom design, Selfie Stands can be placed anywhere with power and wifi. The tablet inside of the stand will give the participant a choice to take a photo or create a boomerang. Then, they can upload their photo or boomerang straight to social media or e-mail it to themselves. There is no elaborate set up and no pressure--just a simple Selfie Stand that adds fun to any event!

Selfie Stand Photo booth

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