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T-Mobile's Pride Activation

Blog t mobile pride 5

Brianna C.

Jul 13, 2017

Pride Month is no joke in Seattle, and T-Mobile didn't want to miss out! They asked us to help them emphasize their Unlimited Data plan within the framework of Pride at several events through the month. The resulting theme? Unlimited Pride, made into a photo experience featuring falling rainbows, multicolored prints, and super fun GIFs! We featured this unique experience at Safeco Field for the Seattle Mariners Pride Night, Pridefest on Capitol Hill, and the Seattle Center during the Seattle Pride Parade 2017. All three events resulted in amazingly colorful, beautiful GIFs and photos!T-Mobile Pride Photo Booth

We brought our new, modern Brand Booth and decked it out with a rainbow T-Mobile wrap. We created an Animated GIF Experience for them, featuring a Digital Falling Rainbow overlay to set these GIFs into a category of their own. 

Pride festival photo booth

Seattle Pride GIF

The photos were then sent to our printer, where a randomizer chose a color for the print template. One set would come out purple, then yellow, then purple, then green, then red, and so on and so forth. Guests were encouraged to digitally share their images via e-mail, text, and social media, and to put one of their prints on a rainbow wall advertising "Unlimited Pride." 

Unlimited Pride photo experience

Over 700 sessions were taken over the course of 3 events! Our Pros Jessica and Nate worked hard in the 90 degree heat (sweltering for Seattle!) to help guests have the best experience possible. One of the days, Jessica even dressed up within the realms of our "dress code" to show her support for Pride! Note her rainbow flower crown, and the amazing balloons provided during Pride!

Pride balloon costume

And of course we had some fun ourselves!

 If you have any questions about this blog post, please contact us here!


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