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How to Use Selfie Stations for Street Marketing

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Danica G.

Sep 05, 2019

Why Street Marketing is Important

Street marketing is growing exponentially. I mean, The Bizzabo Blog is packed with examples of big-name companies bringing their advertising to a single, isolated area and getting huge hype about it.

Sign Spinning street marketing

From the sign spinners to flyers being handed out everywhere (queue the ELF montage where Will Ferrell collects #alltheflyers). To 20 models dressed up like a character to promote a movie on the streets of Canada.

These tactics cause customers to look up from their phones for a moment. It’s unusual. It grabs attention. It’s something people want to share with their friends.

So, what can you do to create a unique street marketing plan that people haven’t thought of before?

Create a Unique Street Marketing Experience

Well, we here at The SnapBar are big fans of photo experiences (it’s kinda what we do). So we wanted to share 3 reasons you should consider using Selfie Stations for your street marketing.

1) Your marketing doesn’t end on the street.

When you include a Selfie Station in your street marketing, your potential customers are getting images on their phone and posting them all over the internet. 

And, when you add creative overlays to the images people are taking, your brand will be shared too.

2) It’s inexpensive.

We know a photo booth experience can range from really expensive (backdrop, photo booth attendant, custom effects...the list goes on) to pretty cheap. But with a Selfie Stand from The SnapBar, you’re not sacrificing quality for price.

Get your brand on the social station, on the overlay, and a custom microsite with all the photos from your street marketing event for the starting price of $895!

(and that price includes branding, free shipping nationwide, a microsite where all your photos’s pretty cool)

3) It’s portable.

At its core, street marketing is about ease, convenience and meeting potential customers where they’re at. 

Portable Selfie Stand photo booth experience

Selfie Stands from The SnapBar are easy to move, easy to set up and easy to run. While you’re focusing on talking to your potential customers, other people can be taking photos, sending their pics and sharing your brand all over social media.

A Selfie Stand Does Even More…

Basically, you need a Selfie Stand for your street marketing.

And we haven’t even discussed a Selfie Stand’s ability to generate leads, provide a unique experience, or simply create fun moments for those passing by.

If you want to learn more, contact The SnapBar. We’d love to talk to you about how a Selfie Stand photo experience can provide a boost to your street marketing efforts!