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Must-Haves For Your Spring Wedding!

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Rachel Roth

Mar 20, 2017

Our friend Rachel Roth, from Sweet Sugar Pine, wrote us an excellent blog on this year's Spring Wedding Must Haves! Check out more of her genius work at! Enjoy!

After months of battling umbrellas, rain boots, and bulky coats, Spring is finally here. The flowers have fought their way through the frozen ground and reminded us that we will indeed see the sun again. I, for one, am excited to trade in my beanie for some shades and get outside. I am also looking forward to saying a heartfelt buh-bye to winter weddings and welcoming spring weddings with open arms.

If you’re saying the big I Do this spring, or next, there are some must haves we need to discuss. These are, of course, my opinions and are based on little to no fact. However, I’m very good at this whole wedding thing and you should trust me. You won’t regret it. I promise.

The first USDA certified, no-brainer, must have of all the must haves is everyone’s favorite gal, the peony. This applies, unfortunately, to only the second half of spring, but it is such a big freaking deal, that it must be mentioned first. But guess what? If you’re getting married in the first half of spring, you’re in luck too. You, my friend, are entitled to all the hyacinth, cherry blossoms, and lilacs. If you can only have it in the spring, get it! It’s special, just like you and your big day.

Spring wedding ideas

Image Credit: Carina Skrobecki

The second season is notorious for getting us all worked up about sunshine and hiking and camping. And if there’s one thing we love in the Northwest, it’s a vintage camper. Wouldn’t it be so cute if there were a vintage camper that served cocktails? There is! The Sidecar Mobile Bar is just about the cutest way to get a buzz. Perfect for an outdoor cocktail hour at your spring soiree.

Sidecar mobile bar

Image Credit: Shannon Bett on The Side Car Mobile Bar

There is something I need to mention that is very dear to my heart and that something is called popcorn. It can certainly be enjoyed all year, but it seems more fun for spring. Did you know City Catering will pop you up a bunch of flavors and create a popcorn bar? What could BE more romantic? I’m guessing nothing. Popcorn is springy because it is light and fun and enjoyable. Popcorn brings people together and that’s really what getting married is all about.

Wedding popcorn bar idea

Image Credit: Laura Marchbanks

So now that you’re armed with all the best weapons in my arsenal, you’re ready to tie the knot. Congrats! The SnapBar is going to take so many fun pictures of you and your friends. It’s going to be the best! Please invite me for popcorn and cocktails. XO!

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