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Sotheby's Custom Photo Booth Installation

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Sam E.

Nov 16, 2016

In 2013 we were asked to build a permanent photo booth solution in one of Kirkland's newest retail concepts: a Sotheby's International Realty office, local wine bar, and event space.

Integrated photo booth case study

Executives from Realogics, an award winning real estate company, were creating a new retail concept in downtown Kirkland.

The goal was to install a photo booth inside a wall, integrate it with the venue's AV systems, and allow photos to be displayed via a projector in real-time as they were taken.

We worked with the construction crew and multimedia company outfitting the venue to create a classy, integrated photo booth. Guests with a clicker were able to take their own photos, whether they were enjoying a glass of wine on Thursday night, or attending a party on Saturday.

DeLille Cellars bar photo booth

During events, the images would be displayed via a projector system in real-time, but during the week, all images were accessible via iPads built into the walls around the venue.

Wine tasting photo booth

Some photos from post-installation are included below.

Bar photo booth

Sotheby's Custom Photo Booth Installation

Sotheby's Custom Photo Booth Installation


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