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Social media and HIPAA: What You Need to Know

Dentist 2

Michael H.

May 21, 2019

How does HIPAA affect Social Media Marketing? Here’s what you need to know.

Effective social media marketing starts in your practice, not online, and the safest and most effective way to market your practice (without risking HIPAA violations) is to have your patients do it for you. It’s not about turning strangers into patients, it’s about turning your patients into advocates.

Dentist Photo Booth

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Selfie Stands by The SnapBar are a fun, effective marketing tool that lets patients easily snap and share photos or GIFs on their own social media accounts.

These photos automatically include your branding and link back to your practice giving your patients the tools they need to effortlessly promote your practice for you.

Referrals, Reviews, Repeat

Studies show that 84% of patients depend on referrals from family or friends when looking for a dentist. Give them the opportunity to market on your behalf!

The same study shows that 9 out of 10 people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and that patient reviews are more important in the decision-making process even than where their dentist went to school! (Source: Futuredontics, “What Dental Patients Want” April 2019.)

Using the Selfie Stand, you can automatically direct your patients to leave an online review of their experience on whatever platform is most important to you.

Doctor social media Reviews

When patients share these images online, your brand is seen by friends, family, and colleagues in their trusted social media network which provides strong and engaging validation for your practice.

Don’t Fear HIPAA

Most importantly, when your patients snap their photo and voluntarily share to their own social media accounts, no HIPAA consent is needed. Once your Selfie Stand is set up, patients simply snap photos and share.  If you want to share photos on your own social media account, you’ll need to have your patients fill out a waiver. Feel free to download The SnapBar’s free template which you can print for yourself.

For more tips on staying HIPAA compliant on social media, consider the following advice from Innereactive:

  1. Develop a social media policy for your staff.

  2. Post your social media policy for visitors and have it on your website.

  3. Leave social media for socializing and advertising.

  4. Avoid interacting with protected health information, even if someone else posted it.

Are you interested in creating a photo experience at your practice with the help of The SnapBar? Email and we'll be happy to help!