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From the Pros: Get the Most Out of Your Photo Booth

The snapbar luxe booth

Danica G.

Jul 11, 2019

Straight From the Pros

If you’ve ever been to an event with The SnapBar, you’ll know our Pros are fun, outgoing, and professional people who love to party!

At every event with The SnapBar, the Pros are on the front lines, making sure your event goes smoothly, your guests are smiling, and the photo booth keeps snapping.

So, we decided to ask them: what is the best way to make sure an event has a successful photo booth?

Believe it or not, they all had similar advice. Which leads us to believe these suggestions are pretty spot-on.

Put Your Photo Booth in the Middle of the Party

Jessica: “Have the booth right there in the middle of things happening.”

Seattle photo booth queen Jessica

Gary: “I always like to be in view from the entryway, that way people know where I am and that I’m there!”

Seattle Photo Booth Pro Gary

Your guests need to know the photo booth is there to use it!

The events where there are the fewest photos taken are almost always when the booth is hidden away in a corner or side room.

Every single Pro we talked to said this first. When planning your event, make sure the booth is put in an active, fun area and your guests will naturally join in!

Timing is Everything

Greg: “Timing for the booth in the party is pretty big. Example: at a wedding, scheduling the primary amount of time for the booth AFTER food/drinks/speeches works better because people have loosened up enough and are open to the booth!”

Seattle Photo Booth Pro Gary

Jeremy: “Timing is very important. Some (most) people don't want to be the first person to step in the booth and most will want some liquid courage before hopping in front of a camera and lights! Helping guests find their rhythm is important.”

Los Angeles Photo Booth Pro Jeremy

Make sure you know your guests and understand the flow of the party!

Give people time to warm up, talk amongst each other, and connect before expecting them to take photos together.

(Bonus: another thing most of our Pros mentioned is that the booth picks up after the drinks are served! 🍾)

Getting the Word Out is Vital

Phill: “It’s word of mouth. Get some of the event staff to come in and snap some pics so they can tell guests about it. It usually snowballs from there.”

LA Photo Booth Pro Phill

Taylor: “Once people start to take pictures, it gets the ball rolling. The first pictures are sometimes the ones that take the longest to happen.”

Seattle Photo Booth Pro Taylor

Like Jeremy said, few people want to be the first in the booth. 

Sometimes it takes the host(ess) stepping into the booth with some friends. 

Sometimes it takes the perfect combination of time, a couple well-made beverages and a brave soul. 

And sometimes, well, sometimes it takes a super awesome Pro just having fun and starting the ball rolling (luckily, The SnapBar has plenty of those!)

Once your guests see how fun it is, they’ll be lining up and you’ll be asking for an extra hour of photo booth time.

We've Got Your Back

Our SnapBar Pros are trained and ready to help you make your event the best it can possibly be. From welcoming guests into the photo booth, to making sure they feel comfortable and have fun, to getting that perfect shot!

We’re here to keep you smiling through the entire event!


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