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Planners Appreciation Day

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Danica G.

May 02, 2019

Meeting and event planners, The SnapBar team knows that you’re the first in and last out of any meeting or event. 

We know you’re dealing with big dreams and minuscule budgets. That you have to make miracles happen last minute with no time for errors.

And we want you to know...You are seen. You are appreciated.

So, during the week of #NationalMeetingPlannersAppreciationDay, The SnapBar wants to honor you with a special promotion and a blog dedicated to why we’re big fans of meeting and event planners!

1) We get to cultivate a relationship with them.

When you work with someone who plans as their daily gig and you’ve assisted them many times, you get an awesome rapport going.

It’s one of the reasons we love repeat clients and people who know The SnapBar well. We get to know them, and they get to know us and there’s something special about that relationship.

Event Planners Appreciation Day

2) They’re an ally.

Because we’ve worked with so many planners in the past, they know us and our reputation. They know they can trust us to show up on time, work extremely hard, and make the event a blast.

Planners are great at knowing what we can and can’t do and working with us to make huge dreams realities.

Fun with event and meeting planners

3) They’re fun, accurate, and quick.

When being awesome at planning and organizing is in your job description, you are a special kind of remarkable.

They realize time is a commodity and take it very seriously. But, because of the relationship talked about in #1, it’s also a pleasure to get an email from them.

Glam Event Planner Partnership

Event planners, whether they’re putting together weddings, meetings, corporate events, or trade shows, have an extremely special and valuable set of skills.

We here at The SnapBar appreciate them so much and we’re grateful to have them as extended members of our team.

Thank you again for all your hard work and happy #NationalMeetingPlannersAppreciationDay!

Hat tip to event planners


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