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Photo Booth Trends of 2019

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Danica G.

Jan 07, 2019

Well, it’s 2019 and at The SnapBar we’re stoked to see what this year brings. We can’t say what the Billboard #1 song will be or whether cargo pants will actually be acceptable fashion again...But we can share what the top trends for photo booths will be this year. Because it’s kinda what we do (and we love what we do).

2019 is going to be a year of experiences. People don’t want to just step in front of a camera and say “cheese” anymore. It’s about so much more. It’s about capturing unbelievable moments, embracing minimalism and showing off your personality.

The SnapBar can’t wait to help create and capture these experiences for you in 2019, so without further ado, here are the Top 5 Photo Booth Trends of 2019!

5) Video and GIF booths are in.

Like, really in. Like the 90s and my favorite velvet dress from elementary school are back in.

Both GIF and video booths are great for leaving a personalized message for the bride and groom, letting people know how much you’re loving the party, or capturing those moments of movement where you’re like, “Oh, THAT’S my best side!” (And if you’re like me, that totally depends on the day.)

Sure, when you’re looking for audio, a noisy room can be a concern, but we’d love to work with you and figure out how to make this awesome experience work! All it takes is a side room or a deserted corner of your event and it’ll be cake.

Pink burst GIF


4) Props – choose carefully...

Let’s talk about props for a minute. If you’ve ever been in a photo booth, you’ve probably held up a handlebar mustache on a stick or put on those huge clown glasses. They’re fun, quirky and definitely lighten up the mood.  

But in 2019, minimalist props will be key. You’ll see a decrease in funny glasses and an increase in simple, themed props. Basically, if it was created exclusively for your party, definitely use that prop. But if you find yourself picking up glasses and a mustache on a stick and a funny hat...maybe it’s time to just put them all back and grab a drink and a friend to be in front of the camera with you.

Props can be a great addition, but make sure, when you look back on the photo, you’re remembering the experience of the event as a whole. And let me tell you, you’ll want to remember who you spent the event with and not what you look like with fake lips.

I mean, just check out @ciara and @dangerusswilson. Less is definitely more.

Ciara Russell Wison Photo Booth


3) Set Designs: it’s all about the experience!

With props being much more streamlined and minimalist, we’ll be seeing the sets of photo booths becoming increasingly more unique! 

And we’re not talking just fun backdrops (even though that’s still totally a thing). We’re talking full-on sets where the photo experience and the props are one. These work great with GIF experiences and are perfect for really capturing the vibe of your event. 

In 2018, Zillow and Bend did some awesome set designs and we loved them.

I mean, just look at these photos! There’s nothing more fun than pretending you’re flying or playing in a tub surrounded by rubber ducks, amirite?

Zillow rubber duck photo booth set flying photo booth


2) Headshots that rock.

Authentic. It’s the word for 2019 and at The SnapBar, we’re all about that life! Authenticity will be seen in fashion, social media, music and, our fave, in photos – even professional ones!

That’s why, in 2019, companies, HR departments, conferences and DOL offices (just kidding, it's just a dream of mine to have a good driver's license photo...) are going to be reimagining headshots. Because no one wants to look at a photo of their coworker and see a pasted-on smile that looks unsure and nervous.

No, we want to see the confident person she is with a huge personality, determined work ethic and a “let’s go get coffee and talk about it” smile. With Headshots 2.0, The SnapBar has worked to make headshots fun, authentic, vibrant and full of YOUR personality. Check them out now!

Corporate Headshots


1) Selfie Stands!

Ordering your Selfie Stand has never been easier than 2019. Don't miss this trend that Kenneth Cole, Amazon, REI, The US Open, and hundreds of others are in on this year.

Selfie Stand photo booth


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