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The Top 6 Photo Booth Myths


Danica G.

Sep 05, 2019

We’ve heard it all

Here at The SnapBar, we’re in the business of giving people a reason to smile.

Our friendly, fun SnapBar Pros are there to give you the best experience possible at the event and our entire office team wants the process of booking, scheduling and creating your photo experience to be as smooth as possible.

Array booth photo experience

We love working with you all and we definitely want to set the record straight on some straight-up myths about photo booths.

Here are the top 6 photo booth myths!

1) A photo booth is that creepy box in a dark corner of the mall

 When people hear “photo booth” this definitely comes to mind for many people.

Old School mall photo booth

Overpriced, low-quality and awkward. Well, photo booths have come a long way since the 90s and we’re happy to report that The SnapBar is a part of this new revolution!

We have an open photo booth concept where you can have (almost) as many people as you want!

2) Limited prints

Our Pros hear this all the time, “how many prints can I get?” People think they can only get so many prints or that they have to pay for them.

Unlimited photo booth experience prints

But, with The SnapBar, there’s great news! It’s all FREE and included with your photo experience (if the host has chosen an experience with prints of course.)

We’ll never charge you for prints, digital downloads, or extra copies. Because we want to give you infinite reasons to smile. 😃

3) Attendants/Pros are creepy and awkward

We’ve all had that experience. An event vendor is a little too friendly and it comes off as ingenuine, annoying, and, sometimes, a bit creepy.

But did you know that all our Pros go through rigorous training and are chosen for their charisma? 

The SnapBar awesome photo booth attendant Pros

The SnapBar is in the business of giving you reasons to smile (in a non-creepy way), and our Pros are serious about living out that value.

We want to make sure you and your guests are as comfortable as possible and the best way to make that happen is to have the best Pros possible.

4) Branding your photos/prints is extra $$

One of our favorite things at The SnapBar is promoting YOU! 

Branding your photo booth prints

We want your goals to be the focus of the event which is why we’ll never charge you for branding your photos or prints.

So bring on your designs. We’re ready to make your goals happen!

5) There’s no benefit to having a photo booth at corporate events.

Okay, maybe they’re not just for malls anymore (and they’re not charging for prints) but they’re mostly meant for weddings, right?

I mean, having a photo op at a party is one thing, but my up-scale corporate event doesn’t need a photo experience.


Amazon photo booth

In fact, the majority of The SnapBar’s clients are actually booking corporate events. Especially because of the brandability and versatility of our photo experiences.

So on top of letting your team and event guests enjoy photos with each other, just sit back and watch the added benefit of your name and brand getting visibility across social platforms.

6) Pros are professional photographers

Our Pros know a lot. And they know how to make you look good in a photo. 

But they’re not photography experts (at least not all of them). 

Gerald photo booth

SnapBar Pros are experts at getting people into the booth. They’re experts at making people feel comfortable. They’re great at getting the photo booth party started.

Any more questions?

Is there a myth we missed? Do you have any questions about how to get a SnapBar photo booth experience at your event?

Contact The SnapBar we’ll be happy to answer any and all inquiries you have!