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Why Your Houston Company Needs New Headshots


Danica G.

Sep 05, 2019

Why Headshots in Houston?

Houston is growing. We’re well-aware of that. The low cost of living and high average income makes this southern city super appealing.

If you’re a part of one of the over 122,000 businesses in Houston, you’ve probably considered headshots for your employees. 

Branded Houston headshots photo booth

It’s no secret, the growing trend across basically all industries is to become more personal. More friendly. More customer-centered. 

People want to know who they’re purchasing products from. Not just the company, but the humans behind the company. They want to know who they’ll be talking to. They want to see the people who are putting together their orders and talking to on the phone.

That’s why professional headshots are no longer a luxury or perk, but a necessity.

The SnapBar Has You Covered!

You want your corporate headshots to not only represent your employees but who you are as a company.  

And, because stuffy, dressed up and uniform isn’t who your company is, you don’t want your headshots to look that way.

Houston photo booth experience

So why not consider a SnapBar photo experience for your headshots?

Here’s How The SnapBar’s Headshots are Different…

The SnapBar’s photo booths are the photographers. 

Our attendants help people relax. 

There’s no pressure for posture and posing. 

And the users can take headshots until they find one they love.

Headshot photo booth experience

Instead of tripods, trip hazards and daunting technical equipment, we create a fun space people can enjoy. 

We edit headshots in real-time, and in the sharing process, we collect users' names and automatically rename their photos so you have an easier time finding them!

Your Houston Company Needs New Headshots

Our approach to corporate headshots is completely different from your past experiences. We built Headshots to be vibrant and express passion and life. We want your Houston-based employees to smile!

Headshots with The SnapBar are Easy and Fun.

We should mention, Headshots isn’t just for established offices.

Inc magazine headshots

We’ve done headshots at conferences, expos and more. Basically, if you want to add a headshots photo experience to your Houston event, we’ll be there!

Contact The SnapBar and one of our team members would love to talk to you about how to bring headshots to your Houston office.