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Your Halloween Party Photo Booth

Halloween hero 01

Danica G.

Oct 10, 2019

It’s that time of year again!

The leaves are changing, the weather’s getting crisp, the people you follow on Instagram are posting all the #pumpkinpatch’s officially Fall.

Halloween parties galore

And with the beginning of Fall, Halloween parties are in full swing.

Are you the host of the big Fright Night bash this year? Are you nervous about making sure it’s a success?

Well, The SnapBar has your back!

Not only have we created a Pinterest board with all your Halloween party needs, but we’ve also put together a list of the top backdrops to use with your Halloween photo booth experience!

1) Trapped in a basement

A cellar or basement that you can’t get out of is the crux of some of the best horror movies out there, so why not try our Concrete Wall or White Brick backdrops?

The SnapBar white brick backdrop

They’re both simple, classic and will complement any Halloween-themed props you use!

Concrete Wall photo booth Backdrop from The SnapBar

But there’s only limited availability of these cool backdrops, so you’d better hurry!

2) Classy and fun

Maybe you don’t want a theme. Maybe just having the Fright Night vibe is enough for you but you still want a classy and fun Halloween photo booth.

May I suggest the Black Sequin backdrop?

Black photo booth backdrop for Halloween

It’s a great addition to any photo and makes a great background to set off some awesome props! 

Halloween photo booth experience

(I mean, these orange boas just pop!)

3) Customize it!

Don’t see anything you’re just loving for your party’s photo booth?

Never fear, The SnapBar is here!

Custom Halloween photo booth party backdrop

If you want tons of pumpkins, a creepy graveyard, ghosts, or something else totally unique, we’ll create a custom Halloween backdrop just for your party.

Halloween party photo booth set

Want some more ideas on how to celebrate the spookiest night of the year with The SnapBar? Read our blog about some of the fun options we offer!