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Why We Love Conferences and Expos in Las Vegas

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Danica G.

Sep 04, 2019

We Love Vegas

One of The SnapBar’s favorite places to create amazing photo experiences is Las Vegas.

There’s no other city in the world that has the vibe, the activities, or the sheer electricity of this desert oasis.

And we love it.

From conferences to expos, our team has spent a lot of time in Las Vegas.

So, we thought we’d create a list of reasons we’re big fans of the city.

A lot to do

From shows to food to pool-side bars (my personal favorite), Vegas has something for everyone. It’s not about if you can find something to do. It’s where and what time.

CES Google Las Vegas photo booth experience

That means when there’s down-time from the conference (haha, what’s that again?) or your team gets to the strip just a bit early, they can find plenty to do all within walking distance of their hotel.

Plenty of conference space

How many conferences can happen in Vegas all at once? Well, we’re not sure, but a TON.

They have lots of availability in basically all of the hotels in addition to the actual conference centers.

Inexpensive flights

Did you know you can get a flight to Vegas for under $300 from pretty much anywhere in the United States? (It’s true, I checked Kayak). 

When you’re talking about sending an entire team and their gear to represent your company, that’s huge and something to consider!

Las Vegas Array photo booth experience

Easy to get around

Most hotels offer free shuttles to/from the airport. Which means no coordinating rental cars. 

There are also plenty of ride-share options stuff within walking distance.

All huge wins!

One of our favorite events we did in Vegas happened in 2019! We took our brand new Array Booth to the strip for the Hookah Expo Worldwide, and it did NOT disappoint. Check out the photos!