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Why You Want a Photo Booth at Your...Booth

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Danica G.

Mar 15, 2019

You work really hard on your expo and trade show booth. You create the perfect layout. You think about how to get people to visit and how you can get those leads.

It’s a science. And one the industry has been working on for years.

But what if the answer to having the perfect booth isn’t the booth itself?

At least not the booth as a whole?

What if, the best way to get a lead into your booth is another booth?

Yeah, no joke, booth inception is a thing and it’s sweeping the nation (at least, we think so and have seen great results!)

Expo and Trade Show Photo Booth

I mean, what are the best ways to know you had a successful expo? Leads and sales, of course!

And a photo booth can not only get the leads to your booth, but also encourage them to leave you with their information.

Bonus, with a photo booth to capture leads, you don’t have to decipher illegible handwriting on those clipboards when you’re done at your expo. When people fill out the forms, you get all data, right there in clear and readable text.  

Not every photo booth has this ability, but The SnapBar’s Selfie Stand is custom-made just for this purpose!

  • Lead capture.

  • Social analytics and ROI.

  • Easy to set up and move around.

  • Instantaneous photos.

  • Sweepstakes and contest options.

  • GIF, still photo, custom overlay, green screen and video options.

  • Engaging and interesting and sure to entice visitors.

Oh, and we should probably mention, they ship for free nationwide. So if you’re located in Texas, but you have an expo in Oregon one week and a trade show in New York the next, don’t fear, The SnapBar is here!

Selfie Stand Photo Booth

So how exactly does a Selfie Stand work?

Well, you have it at your booth. People take photos (because that’s what people do.)

The photo they take on the Selfie Stand is branded with your overlay so they don’t forget the fun experience (and neither do their followers on social media #freeadvertising ftw).

Then you ask your guests a few short questions (all on the Selfie Stand) and you get their email, phone number, name and any other information you need to get your quality leads.

That’s it.

The SnapBar photo booth

They walk away with fun, quality images and GIFs of themselves being awesome at the expo or trade show.

You walk away with quality leads, your brand being posted all over social media and the ability to send the Selfie Stand back to The SnapBar and have one less thing to lug back to the office.

Basically the easiest leads you’ve ever gotten.

Do you want to learn more about how a Selfie Stand can elevate your expo or trade show booth game? We’d love to chat! Email us today and a member of The SnapBar team will get back to you ASAP!


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