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Our Favorite Photos of 2018

The snapbar 170

Danica G.

Jan 14, 2019

As we said hello to 2019 and goodbye to 2018, The SnapBar team decided to look back on our favorite photos of 2018. Because it was a great year.

From the SnapBar Pros who got to work with you face-to-face to the office staff who had the pleasure of speaking with you on the phone and arranging everything, we had so much fun.

Seriously. It’s ridiculous.

And we wanted to share some of the best moments with you.

We’re definitely not able to sort on a 1-10 scale...because each photo is fun, unique and has a great story to go along with it. We were able to narrow it down to 10, but let me tell you, it wasn’t easy!

So, here they are! The SnapBar’s favorite photos from 2018:

(Also, do you see your photo here? Email or message us on Facebook and we’ll send you a sweet gift!)

Classy Photo Booth
Basically, this photo captures how we feel about the entire list. Also, here stands is one of the classiest couples I’ve ever seen #relationshipgoals #hairgoals.

Night at The Museum Party
Seeing event attendees get into the spirit of the festivities is one of our favorites and this Night at the Museum party was made even more fun with these two!

Ping Pong Photo Booth
Okay, okay, I know I said it was a list of our favorite photos. But GIFs are totally in this year and our team just LOVED these retro ping-pong vibes. 

Seattle Photo Booth
Getting to work with Facebook is always a blast and this background was so unique, classic and fun, we had to share! We <3 Facebook!

Facebook Photo Booth
Speaking of Facebook, at their Take Your Kid to Work Day this year, they had gravity room and this family definitely made the most of a cool experience. 

Amazon Photo Booth Company
The Amazon Music experience from earlier this year was a ton of fun (I mean, when there’s a blow-up boombox, how could it NOT be?) and these two really embraced the '80s hip hop aesthetic. 

Live Photo Booth Backdrop
Backgrounds became more intricate and unique as 2018 went on and this one was no exception! We loved the live ferns and the very PNW feel of the entire wedding!  

LA Museum of Selfies Photo Booth
Well, if the last photo was so PNW, this photo is so LA! We’ve loved getting to work in the City of Angels and being a part of the Museum of Selfies was a blast!

Cinco de Mayo Photo Booth
Cinco de Mayo is always better when you include The SnapBar! This event was no different. And having colorful sombreros as the backdrop was the catalyst for some awesome photos. 

Nike GIF Photo Booth
Well, since we already had one GIF in here, we figured another would be just fine. The photos within the photos are so fun and we working with Nike is always a good time. In fact, this experience was one of our faves of 2018.

Hmmm, our favorite experiences...that might be a good idea for another blog. You’ll have to wait and see! 

What was your favorite photo with The SnapBar in 2018? Let us know on Facebook and don’t forget to follow The SnapBar on Instagram to see cool photos like this all year long!


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