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Our Favorite Photo Booth Props!

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Brianna C.

Mar 10, 2017

Some people ask us why we don't offer more props. Some wonder, where are the hats, the boas, the costumes? In short-- we pick the very best props to induce user creativity, and we want to leave room for clients who choose to provide unique props custom to their event's theme or feel! Our props are custom, high quality, and clean. We intentionally keep our collection minimal to make decisions easy and "which do I choose?!" stress low. Here are some of our favorite props over the years, some provided by us, some provided by our clients!

Giant Balloons

Hide behind them, poke your head through them, or hug them! Giant Balloons are fun for everyone!


Mustaches on mustaches! Everyone looks like a classy chap with these favorites!

Magnifying Glass

Magnifying glasses are a blast, making your features look extra large for the camera! Who doesn't want to see your teeth up close? Make sure to brush...

Masks Galore

Just a normal family photo. Nothing to see here.

Drinks In Hand

Cheers to fun with friends in our photo booth!


Sometimes, the battle between the light and the dark sides happens in our booth. May the force be with you.


Last, but certainly not least, is the glittering, sparkling confetti that makes any photo look utterly magical! We love featuring confetti!

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