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Our Favorite Experiences of 2018

Champagne silly

Danica G.

Jan 22, 2019

We’re already a few weeks into 2019 and The SnapBar is having a blast with clients all up and down the west coast!

As we get ready to activate at some of the biggest and events and experiences we've been a part of, we started looking back at some of our favorites from 2018.

If any of these give you awesome ideas for your next photo experience, email The SnapBar and we’ll work with you to make your photo, GIF, video, boomerang, stage, headshot, living background, brand activation, marketing (basically any type of) photo booth experience dreams come true.

1. Black, White, and Red all over

Tableau is one our favorite clients to work with. They always have great ideas and are really, really fun. For this experience, we used green screen tech and some custom edits to keep people in black and white and the different VIZ backdrop options in bold color. We love how the contrast turned out!

Tableau Photo Booth

2. Just Do GIF(s)

If you’ve checked out our lookbook or read any of our other blogs, you’ll know that this Nike experience was an absolute blast. The flying Nike cloud swooshes were definitely a hit and we’re big fans when clients ask for similar features with their GIF booths! 

Nike GIF Photo Booth

3. The Littlest Pet Booth

If you’re like me, you grew up with The Littlest Pet Shop and always dreamed about being surrounded by puppies and kittens. That’s why I absolutely LOVE this entire set and experience we got to do with Hanzi. Seriously, so cute!

Hanzi Pet Store Photo Booth

4. #AllTheLaCroix

La Croix. Seriously, every time they do something, they do it really, really well. And this Seattle-themed background with plenty of La Croix boxes to use as props was no exception. They definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to making sure people remember their brand!

La Croix Seattle Photo Booth

5. In Love With the '80s

Everything. We love everything about this experience. From getting to work with Amazon Music, to creating stellar GIFs with awesome people. This 80's hip-hop-themed booth was actually one of FOUR experiences people had to choose from at this fun event! The others? 90's grunge, summer time, and Seattle!

Amazon Music 80s Photo Booth

6. Yellow on Yellow on Yellow

Zillow knows how to have fun in a major way. I mean, really, who else would think of a wall of yellow rubber ducks and a yellow bathtub filled with yellow plastic balls? All these happy vibes mixed with a GIF experience definitely made sure everyone had fun.

Zillow Photo Booth Experience

7. Defying Gravity (Photo Booth)

Speaking of “who else would think of this?” Facebook had an awesome gravity room set up for their Take Your Kid to Work day in 2018. The optical illusion is pretty cool and mixing it with a coffeehouse motif was definitely a winning combination.

Facebook Gravity Room Photo Experience

8. Projecting Island Vibes

Projector booths are definitely one of our rarely used, but really fun, experiences at The SnapBar. This Tiki Disco Dance was made complete with the island vibes, water and palm trees we projected on guests as they hulaed the night away.

Projector Photo Booth

9. The Ultimate Holiday Pairing

Snow and Santa go together like cookies and cocoa. That’s why we were so excited when the idea of doing an indoor snow globe with Santa was brought up by one of our clients. Also, snow in LA is always a good idea.

Snow globe photo booth

10. Have Photo Experience. Will Travel.

Last summer we got to work with Japan Airlines to create an awesome green screen experience where the guest got to choose their background and look like they were featured on a boarding ticket! It was a great way for Japan Airlines to do a unique brand activation.

Japan Airlines Photo Booth

What was your favorite experience? Does it give you any great ideas? Let us know!


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