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Next Level Photo Booths + Shindig Events

Blog shindig 3

Kelli Bielema

Apr 05, 2017

We asked our friend Kelli Bielema from Shindig Events to write a blog for us, and to our excitement, she agreed! Shindig offered to write on the subject “Next Level Photo Booths,” and share about their experience with hiring photo booth companies for their clients.

As an event producer, I often request proposals and bids from up to fifty (yeah, FIVE OH!) vendors per event. These bids are often tweaked about a half dozen times or more, so I get to know these companies and their capabilities very well through lots of email and phone chats and networking events-- we can’t HELP but talk about our next gig together. One of those vendors that I enjoy doing that with is The SnapBar and I’m going to tell you why…

The photo booth isn’t just a fun, extra activity. At this juncture in the live event landscape, it’s a must! Because this element is pretty much a necessity, I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to make the photo booth a true experience. While props on sticks and wacky hats might be your jam, we stray away from those and I’m going to tell you why…

You’ve held the mustache on a stick above your lip. You’ve raised your hands high with the “we’re crazy” caption balloon. You’ve worn the sketchy clown wig on your head. But have you stepped inside Dumbledore’s office?

Become a work of pop art?

Been chased by a dinosaur? 

These are the experiences that The SnapBar has created for us and additional producers that create more than just a photo memory. Exploring the unknown is the start.

We like to call The SnapBar team and ask “have you ever done this?” or “this is really weird, but can you make this happen?” And the answer is a resounding “let’s do it!” Nothing is ever cookie cutter with our productions, and that’s a big reason we want to activate a photo booth that people talk about after the event. And they’ve got the pictures to prove it!


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