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Make Your Event Unique: Custom Experiences from The SnapBar

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Danica G.

Mar 06, 2019

Are you interested in having a photo booth at your event, but don’t want the same exact thing you’ve seen everywhere else?

Well, we here at The SnapBar have some pretty cool offerings and I definitely want to share them with you!

Keep your photo booth experience fresh, unique and something people have never experienced before! And don’t forget, you can combine any of these experiences to make your event photos even more spectacular!

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are awesome and a great way to take your photo experience to the next level.

GIFs allow you to incorporate branding and/or themes in a unique, memorable way.

Whether your guests want to vogue or jump in the air, we’ll work with you to create an animation that fits your event and goals perfectly.

PUMA and MAC Animated GIF

Glam Effect

With the Glam Effect, guests get to take a photo and see it in amazing glam-ified glory!

This filter keeps the integrity of the individuals in the photo but adds a subtle touch of glam to the overall look.

Think 1950s Hollywood meets the Kardashians. This experience is a guaranteed on-trend hit and is sure to have your guests posting all their photos instantly.

Hollywood Glam Photo Booth

Green Screen

Green Screens have been a thing for a long time and as the effects get better, they’re getting even more popular!

We recommend this experience when you want your guest to have the choice between multiple backdrops. I mean, maybe some people want a photo of walking in a garden while others prefer it to look like they’re hurtling through space.

Why make them choose?

Green Screen Photo Booth

Leaf Blower Add On

The Leaf Blower add on is sure to be a HUGE hit at your upcoming event!

Basically, we set it up and let people have a blast (literally) with a leaf blower aimed right at their face. We always have people lined up like they're waiting for a roller coaster with this experience!

You have two options to choose from:

The Leaf Blower Experience, featuring stills of your guests enjoying the experience.

Leaf blower photo booth

The Hyper Leaf Blower Experience, with unlimited video GIFs that capture the hilarity.

The Hyper Leaf Blower GIF

Projector Booth

Our Projector Booth is the perfect choice for events looking for an edgy and fun vibe!

Featuring a short-throw projector mounted on our fully brandable Brand Booth, we will work with you to project your choice of artwork onto the photo booth users to create fun looping GIFs. All you have to do is provide a dark room!

And when you project a video rather than an image, each portion of the GIF is unique!

Projector Photo Booth GIF

Custom Overlay

Custom overlays are a great way to add a little more something to your photos.

Whether it’s making sure your brand is visible when people post on social media or seeing your custom design on all the photos taken at your wedding, we can make it happen.

Make sure your guests never forget the fun they had at your event.

Custom Overlay Coachella

Custom Props

Props are so much fun and are a photo booth staple. But what about when you have a specific theme and fake glasses and lips don’t really go with your vibe?

Enter, custom props – a specialty of The SnapBar.

We would love to work with you to make sure you have the perfect props to make sure your event’s photos are perfect.

Gatsby backdrop and custom props

Custom Backdrop

Green Screens are awesome, but what if you want higher-quality images and you’re just not seeing the backdrop you want on our website?

We would  LOVE to work with you and help you create the perfect backdrop for your brand or event’s theme!

Just let us know the vibe you’re going for, the exact backdrop you want, or something similar and we’ll work with you to create something perfect for your event.

Night at the Museum backdrop

Basically Anything You Can Dream Up

At The SnapBar, we believe that our photo booths are more than just pictures taken at a party or event. They’re full-on experiences.

That’s why we’re always willing and excited to work with you to make your photo experience dream a reality. Do you have a thought or an idea for an experience you want at your next get-together?

Let us know and we’ll work with you to make it happen!

Airplane custom photo booth

What is your favorite experience? Are you interested in having any of these custom experiences at your next event? Let us know!


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