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Behind The Booth: Herbert Gundran - Literally Has The Best Shoes

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Jessica A.

Oct 03, 2018

Have you ever met someone that you like immediately? Who puts a smile on your face the second they walk in the room? This sums up this months Behind the Booth featured employee, Herbert. 
Herbert is one of those people who always has something nice to say. Who has great wit, a good sense of humor, and amazing sarcasm, that carries well into any conversation. Herbert joined the SnapBar in November of last year and is honestly one of our most liked pros, and unforunately for us, is transitioning out of his Pro position!

Silly Ms. Potts

When Herbert wasn’t at The SnapBar, making events great again, he would be spending his time playing ultimate frisbee teams (can we say FUN?) fixing Mopeds (motorcycles are too mainstrem), and being dog dad to the cutest little button, Bruce (seriously, isn’t Bruce the best name for a doggo?). Did I mention he always has really great shoes too?

Just check out this review!: "Garrett and I had such a great time, and the photo booth was one of the highlights! Everyone loved it, and are still posting pictures! And Herbert was amazing- so friendly and fun, and genuinely excited for everyone! I truly appreciated his assistance and attitude. I cant recommend SnapBar enough. From my first email with you all, to the event, you all have been so helpful and fun."


We are sad to see Herbert move on from his position as a SnapBar Pro, but he will always be loved and appreciated here at The SnapBar! Good Luck, Herbert!

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