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Facebook Fauxchella CMYK Photo Booth

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Brianna C.

Feb 17, 2017

Our friends at Shindig Events asked us to help them out with a custom experience for Seattle's Fauxchella in Summer 2016. Fauxchella is a take on the ever-so-popular Coachella, a large summer music and art festival based around up-beat music, sustainability, and interpretive art. Fauxchella is a smaller version of this created with the desire to bring this California desert experience to other cities.


It was the perfect day to take over Gas Works Park, looking across Lake Union to downtown Seattle. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and sunny skies made for a sweltering day--perfectly matched to the desired California experience! The entire festival was full of all different sorts of vendors, including henna artists, tarot card readers, and food vendors, all offering memorable custom experiences.

Fauxchella concert photo booth

Our client was Facebook: Seattle, a SnapBar repeat client. They wanted us to create a custom experience to reflect the fun, modern, hip vibe of the Fauxchella crowd.

Fauxchella photo booth

Fauxchella photo booth

We used a CMYK photo booth to bring a modern experience to the event. Fauxchella attendees were absolutely thrilled with the design and took some great photos. The CMYK filter accentuated the free-living, hip, and fun vibe of all the attendees!

fauxchella photo booth picture

fauxchella photo booth picture

Fauxchella photo booth printing

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