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Ocean5 Case Study: Multi-year Subscription

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Danica G.

Jun 24, 2019

The Goal

Ocean5 is a new social hub concept near Seattle. They host weddings, events, have a farm-to-table restaurant, bowling, an arcade and laser tag. Basically, it’s a ton of fun.

As they were crafting their space, the team at Ocean5 knew they wanted a photo experience to capture all the fun moments that would happen there. And, because they were so new, they also needed to get their name out to the public!

They instantly realized a photo experience was the way to go. Some way for all their guest to share the fun at Ocean5 and market the social hub.

The Plan

That’s when Ocean5 realized The SnapBar had an option that fit all their needs...the Selfie Stand.

Utilizing its ability to brand photos, share images primed for social media, and track impressions and shares, Ocean5 would be able to see exactly how well the Selfie Stand photos were performing in real time.

These capabilities were exactly what Ocean5 was looking for, so they signed up for a multi-year subscription.

The Selfie Stand is strategically placed so everyday customers can create branded content and capture fun experiences to be shared across social media platforms. 

The Hurdles

Anyone who's run a restaurant or entertainment venue knows the challenges of getting users to share their experiences with friends. 

But, with the simplicity of the Selfie Stand, guests at Ocean5 are able to access an automated source of user-generated, branded content.

Another reason Ocean5 chose the Selfie Stand was its portability and versatility during their multi-year subscription. 

Ocean5 needed to be able to move their Selfie Stand around their facility (or even off-site) for hosted events.

They also wanted to make sure it was customizable for specific events. Because not only does the social hub host guests every day, but they also have clients who rent out event spaces.

Ocean5 wanted to make sure these clients had the option of including the Selfie Stand at their events and were able to customize overlays for their specific needs.

The Results

Ocean5 had their Selfie Stand all of 2018 and renewed their subscription for 2019.

Over the entirety of 2018 and the first half of 2019, there have been 9,588 total shares and 2,395,360 impressions.

People who come to Ocean5 love to make use of the Selfie Stand and it shows in the numbers.

Make sure to check it out and support local business if you’re ever in the area!

Ocean5 Photo Experience Case Study Results

The Photos

Ocean5 Selfie Stand Case Study

GIF Seattle photo booth experience

Ocean5 photo booth experience

Gig Harbor Awards Gala photo booth experience


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