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EA Case Study: Holiday Party Set Design

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Danica G.

Aug 07, 2019

The Goal

Back in 2017, EA – a repeat client – came to The SnapBar with a fun, innovative idea. 

For their holiday party, they were planning a Totally 80s theme and wanted to involve not just one photo booth, but TWO! One with a classic backdrop and 80s props. And one with a full-on, interactive set!

The Plan

EA had the brilliant idea of recreating the living room from Pretty in Pink as a photo booth set. The holiday party’s theme was Totally 80s, so the hilariously ugly room from the cult classic was perfect.

The original Pretty in Pink Set for the photo booth

The SnapBar worked with the venue and the folks from EA to create a unique, fun set that would be the perfect backdrop to everyone’s 80s-themed costumes.

And, to keep the party going, EA decided to have a second photo experience as well to make sure their employees had the choice of a typical photo booth (80s props included, of course) or their fun set design.

The Hurdles

Usually, when photo experiences are set up, people are standing in the booths and The SnapBar’s photo booths are calibrated for this. 

However, for the Totally 80s set design, everyone would be sitting on a couch and quite a bit lower than usual. This meant we had to adjust how we took photos, where the camera was located and make sure we were still getting everyone’s best side.

The Results

The results were incredible. It was the most elaborate set design The SnapBar had done to date and it turned out really well. 

People loved using the pillows and blanket as props.

And, with almost everyone at the holiday party dressed up like they were in the 80s, they fit right into the living room set perfectly!

The Photos

Pretty in Pink Photo Booth Set

Photo booth set design

Photo booth totally 80's

Classic 80's photo booth Pretty in Pink Custom Set


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