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The Difference Between A Photo Booth Company And A Photo Experience Company

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Brianna C.

Feb 16, 2017

So, let's say you're planning a party or wedding. You want a photo booth, and you happen to stumble upon our website or one of our social media pages. The SnapBar's website, Facebook, and Instagram describe us as a “Photo Experience" company, rather than a photo booth company. We definitely specialize in social photo booths and custom photo booth activations, but we try not to identify our company using those terms. Why not? What makes a photo experience company different than a photo booth company?

Well, one obvious answer is, we don't just provide photo booth services. We create and facilitate a wide variety of photo experiences, from photo and GIF booths to green screen activations, from new corporate head shot concepts to custom production projects. But really, our brand as a photo experience company comes from more than just a variety of photo activation choices. Here at The SnapBar, we recognize that the excitement and joy that should come from any service (especially photos) is the experience that you receive. And experiences start at first contact and continue through to the very last communication you have with a person or company.

Have you ever played a cheesy game at the fair? Or received customer service from a someone who just can't be bothered with you? In our experience, those interactions are characterized by people being pre-occupied with their phones, having little knowledge of the product or service, and displaying little care for customer happiness. Little evidence is shown of good training, and those experiences leave you feeling neglected, or worse, frustrated. These observations have meant that our team at The SnapBar is made up of people that care. We run our customer service like we think Zappos or Nordstrom do: really, really well. We run our photo experiences like we care about them and the people using them. Downtime during an event is a problem, even if it IS due to technical difficulties. Our SnapBar Pros go through extensive training in photographic equipment, entertaining guests, and taking care of our clients. They will run the photo experience, but if you need help moving chairs, they'll help you do that too, because they actually care.

We also know that aside from the cool experiences and the amazing service you receive, those aspects are only part of what contributes to make The SnapBar a photo experience company, rather than just a photo booth company.

Another important part that shouldn't be ignored is quality. Simply put, we're not renting old, cramped, mall photo booths that produce pixilated, cheaply filtered photos while spitting out limited prints of photos you can never access again. Event planners and brands hire us to create fun, engaging photo experiences for their guests. To engage them and produce those results, we don't think quality is 'optional.' Our photos are incredible, each one of them is edited before it's put online, and during events, they're printed with no limits on number of sessions or even number of prints. When we work with someone, we're creating an experience they love, not just delivering a photographic service they need. When we work with our clients, our mission is that at the end of our interactions regarding an event, they archive that last email feeling like The SnapBar, from beginning to end, was one of the best vendors they've ever worked with.

Are you beginning to get a sense for the difference between a photo experience company and a photo booth company? We hope so. And if you don't feel you've ever worked with a photo experience company before, we want The SnapBar to be your first. We'll give you a break, we'll impress you, we'll serve you really, really well, and we'll be so different than the sources of your headaches when planning an event, you'll give us the feedback we're looking for: that The SnapBar was one of the best vendors you've ever worked with.


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