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Comic-Con Photo Booth And PAX Activations

Heavy metal machines the snapbar

Michael H.

Jul 31, 2018

The SnapBar has been involved with PAX related events for the past 3 years and these events are simply the highlights and/or public events we're allowed to share. For more info on custom solutions for PAX related events, please contact our sales team.

Ten years ago, no one would have predicted that cosplay, comic, and gaming events would reach the scale they have. And yet, some of the largest, most tech forward, highest attended events in the country are Comic-Con, PAX, and others. The activations are immersive, the demographic is wide-ranging, and the level of involvement from the visitors and guests is unrivaled. At The SnapBar, we've had the privilege of running custom gaming photo booth experiences at PAX and Comic-Con specifically.

In the past few years, we've created engaging, branded experiences for games like Heavy Metal Machines and God Eater 2. We've set up multi-day activations at gaming tournaments like Vain Glory Championships. A highlight was an event for Revelmode where we captured this pic of a few YouTubers with a combined 92+ million followers!

Below we've added a few of the public shots from some of these events to give you an idea of what can be done, sometimes very simply, with SnapBar products at events like these.


1. God Eater 2

This outdoor event combined a themed food truck and a themed Selfie Stand for PAX attendees who were going to lunch or waiting in lines outside the convention center. God Eater 2 had another booth on the main floor but realized that an untapped, less crowded area of influence would be right outside the doors of PAX West.



2. Vain Glory Championships

Our client opted for photos using The SnapBar's custom selfie stations. The backdrop and props were all custom and themed to the game and the activation got a lot of traction over the length of the multi-day tournament. 



3. Heavy Metal Machines

For this event, our PAX client wanted to create activations using a custom Brand Booth, different custom backdrops for each day of PAX, and tons of themed props to make a fantastic and unique guest experience.


Adding a photo booth helps gaming companies and other exhibitors add tremendous value to the overall guest experience. We've added even more cool, custom experiences to our repertoire since last year and would love taking on custom, innovative ideas to help your brand stand out at PAX West 2018 or Emerald City Comic Con 2018 in our lovely Seattle backyard.

That being said, we travel all over the country to activate at unique events likes these and our huge inventory of photo booth options and trusted logistical expertise means we can make last-minute happen too! 

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