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Clif Bar Snowbash - A SnapBar Experience

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Sam E.

Nov 10, 2016

Clif Bar wanted to create a fun photo experience for 700+ guests at a fundraiser for the Northwest Avalanche Center. They came to The SnapBar asking if we could replicate a custom experience we'd previously activated for 1000+ REI members.

We call it the Snow Angel Experience.

Clif Bar photo booth

Epic Photo Booth

The experience involves creating a pit that we fill with incredible fake snow. Our vertically suspended camera system then records video of people making snow angels, wrestling, throwing, and all together being WILD in the snow pit. That footage is turned into 20+ prints that we turn into old-school photo booth flip books!

Clif Bar photo experience

Snow Angel photo booth

Beard photo booth

Photo booth prints

The experience is successful on so many levels each and every time we do it. The snow amazes event guests with its temperature retaining qualities and realistic texture. The photo booth flip books are delivered in under two minutes to EACH guest that participates in the Snow Angel Experience. The best part is that the experience is then turned into shareable videos that guests can access after the event so they can share the fun with their friends and family online.

If you're interested in booking The SnapBar's custom Snow Angel Experience, get a quote!

Clif Bar Snow Angel photo booth

Snow Angel photo experience

Clif bar photo booth

Snow photo experience

Want to learn more about the Snow Angel Experience? Contact us here!


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