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REI Case Study: Nationwide Holiday Sweepstakes

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Danica G.

May 28, 2019

The Goal

The marketers at REI approached us with a big vision: to mass deploy 50 Selfie Stands across North America for a unique, family-oriented experience at REI stores during their December sale event.

The Plan

Each Selfie Stand would have a green screen photo experience and be set up in REI stores all around the country during one of the busiest times of the year.

REI wanted to give their shoppers an opportunity to win an adventure trip by capturing themselves in an exotic location using Selfie Stands’ green screen and lead capture capabilities.

The Hurdles

There were no SnapBar team members on location at any of the REI stores.

So this activation involved custom training and setup information that equipped REI staff members to do it themselves – with remote aid from The SnapBar.

The Results

This large scale deployment broke most SnapBar records for a single event series and generated a staggering 2,220,267 impressions across the web in just one week.

The photos were shared 7,600 times and REI was able to capture 4,663 leads for retargeting in the future.

REI Case Study results

The Photos

REI Selfie Stand GIF photo booth experience green screen

REI holiday activation #takeyourselfieonanadventure REI Selfie Stand holiday activation mass deploy photo booth


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