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Bumble Case Study: Seasonal Pop Up

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Danica G.

May 28, 2019

The Goal

When summer hit the Hamptons in 2018, Bumble – a dating and connections app – saw a prime opportunity to partner with one of the most popular hotels in Montauk, NY to provide a fun photo experience.

Every year, hordes of socialites relocate to the Hamptons during the months of July and August for sun, surf, and community.

And since people meeting people is Bumble’s specialty, the dating/business/friend app wanted to make sure they were there too.

The Plan

Bumble signed up for a Selfie Stand subscription during July and August of 2018 – the Hamptons’ busiest time of the year.

The app collaborated with The Surf Lodge in Montauk to bring a photo experience to their lobby with a branded Selfie Stand, branded photos, and lead capture.

As people were checking in, heading to parties, or just hanging out in the lobby, they had the chance to gather their friends and take photos.

The Hurdles

There's often not much room in a hotel lobby, especially one like The Surf Lodge with no vacancies and a very popular on-site restaurant over the summer.

Bumble wanted to provide a branded experience that wouldn't interrupt the guests at the hotel or restaurant but would also attract socialites in to take fun photos. 

The Selfie Stand was the perfect way to achieve this goal. Bumble's logo was front and center, attracting people to check it out. But the Selfie Stand's low-impact, minimalist design helped it stay out of the way and vibe with the hotel's aesthetic. 

The Results 

During the summer of 2018, guests of The Surf Lodge captured fun summer memories, Bumble was able to retarget leads with the data capture provided by the Selfie Stand, and hotel was able to host a fun experience as people enjoyed their venue.

Bumble and The SnapBar photo booth experience results

The Photos

Bumble and The Surf Lodge Selfie Stand Photo Booth Experience

Bumble and The Surf Lodge Selfie Stand Photo Booth Experience

Bumble and The Surf Lodge Selfie Stand Photo Booth Experience

Bumble and The Surf Lodge Selfie Stand Photo Booth Experience


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