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Capitalize on a Big Trend in 2019

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Danica G.

May 14, 2019

Set design. It’s #3 in the top photo booth trends of 2019 and here at The SnapBar, it’s all about the experience, so we LOVE this trend.

But how do you make it happen?

What if you’re on a tight budget and set design sounds scary and a bit out of your price range?

Fruit bathtub set design

Well, at The SnapBar, we want to make sure you and your guests always have the best experience, so we’ve got you covered on some simple, quick and as-expensive-as-you-make-it DIY ideas!

Also, make sure you check out our Photo Booth Set Design Pinterest board for more fun inspo.

1) A Place to Sit

From a basic dining room chair to a full-on sofa, a place to sit is always a super-fire way to make a simple photo booth something more.

When you have multiple people in the shot, the different levels (some people sitting and some standing) give the photo depth and an interesting aesthetic.

Set Design Photo Booth Rental

An inexpensive sofa from Target can run you as little as $250 or a cute bistro set (that would look awesome with our Gatsby backdrop) for only $100!

2) A Bathtub

Okay, okay, I know it sounds a little strange, but hear me out!

The SnapBar has done several photo experiences with bathtubs and they’re always a lot of fun.

Whether the tub is filled with plastic balls, silk flowers, ping pong balls, or rubber ducks, it adds different levels and unique opportunities for fun poses.

Yellow GIF Set Design Photo Booth

You can get the tub special-made (a bit more expensive) or check out a Habitat for Humanity store near you! They have great, inexpensive home supplies including bathtubs (sometimes)!

3) Hang it up

Got some scaffolding hanging around from the renovations in your office? Or just think it’s time to make the corner of a space way more awesome?

Hanging components of your set design is always a fun idea!

Whether it’s picture frames for people to pose in, a swing to create awesome GIFs or diy clouds hanging down to create depth to your shot. Hanging props are always a good idea (and people don’t accidentally walk away without them!

Flying in the clouds set design photo booth

Clouds are easy – just go to any craft store and pick up some fishing line and pillow fluff.

Or, if you’re interested in the hanging frames, T.J.Maxx always has fun, well-priced frames on their website!

4) Go Natural

Plants are a big deal. Even the most minimalist people are bringing them into their homes to promote a healthier lifestyle. So why not bring plants into your photo experience?

Get a few big, gorgeous potted plants that people can pose with, hide behind, and hold.

The colors the plants add and the natural props are fun, organic and chic.

Lululemon Seattle photo booth floral backdrop

Sometimes the best place to get plants isn’t from a florist or a nursery! I’ve been able to save a bundle on plants and flowers over the years by getting them from grocery stores.

5) Ask Your Photo Booth Company

It’s definitely not the cheapest, but many photo booth companies offer more than just the classic backdrops.

The SnapBar has done several set designs for our clients and they always turn out really fun. We love working with you to come up with concepts and logistics. And making those dreams a reality.

We would love to talk to you about how we can help make your photo booth set experience awesome.


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