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Behind The Booth: Brenan Kovach - The Camera Man Can!

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Jessica A.

Aug 29, 2018

It should be no surprise that The SnapBar would hire VERY talented photographers to be SnapBar Pros. This holds very true for one of our most veteran Pros, Brenan. Brenan has been with The SnapBar since November of 2016! Whoa!

When Brenan isn’t making beautiful artwork in front of the booth, he is making beautiful artwork behind it. He has been doing photography for 3 years, but recently his photography business has been taking off. He loves doing portrait photography, and has recently started doing roaming wedding photography and videography! We appreciate that he continues to hone his craft and talent- it just makes him a better Pro in our eyes!



When he isn’t living, breathing and sleeping with a camera in his hand, he spends a lot of time working on his two cars! He has a rad 88’ Toyota 4Runner and a Nissan 300zx!


Brenan has done a bit of everything; from playing tennis in high school, being a cub scout for 7 years, to playing drums in a band. It kind of seems like there isn’t anything he can’t do! We love having him as part of The SnapBar team, and guests really enjoy his professionalism and friendly personality! Here are some rave reviews from people who LOVE Brenan as much as we do:


“We were super pleased with Brenan’s service at the wedding and the extra props that he brought. He was super courteous and helpful.” -Tim & Sharon


“We absolutely loved having The SnapBar at our wedding and Brenan was fabulous, super friendly, and professional. The whole experience was awesome!” - Adrienne Littleton 

If you want Brenan to bring the fun to your event, contact us by clicking HERE!

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