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Behind The Booth: Jessica Aebersold - Coolest Mom You Know!

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Brianna C.

Jun 13, 2017

Jessica Aebersold has been with The Snapbar since last November, and she has rocked every event since then! She goes above and beyond by taking last minute events on the reg, which is incredibly impressive knowing her responsibilities! She is truly a SnapBar hero.

Jessica is a mom to two absolutely adorable children, Morgan and Violet. On top of that, her husband, Matt, works hard as a Shopify web developer during the week. Jessica's availability for SnapBar events depends on when her husband is home and can take care of their two children, or if she can find a babysitter. Yet, she somehow always manages to make it work and help us out! Her most amazing feat occured when we called her to help out at an event with two hours notice. She found a babysitter within 10 minutes and left to help keep the event rocking! 

When she's not saving our butts and working the photo booth, Jessica loves gaming with her husband and friends, both digital and board games. She even dabbles in a bit of Cosplay as well! Below is a photo she took a couple weeks ago when she cosplayed Ciri from Witcher 3! That make up! 😍

On top of this, Jessica is also a huge Trekkie. She rewatches Voyager practically monthly! She even named her cat Seven of Nine. 🖖


Jessica's Rave Reviews!

"If you're looking for a photo booth provider look no further. These are absolute professionals who know how to get the job done, and have the some of the best customer service I've ever encountered. After our original photo provider dropped out mere weeks before our large event (...) SnapBar came to the rescue in a pinch, they dealt with our crazy rules and contracts, and they did with the utmost integrity and at a good cost. Totally worth the money and we absolutely loved the host Jessica!

Thank you for saving the day and for making our party a success!" - Carrie S.

"Jessica was awesome and we had a blast with her. The booth was a hit and I also just LOVE the set up and lay out and colours. It was awesome." - Amy G.

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